A friend of mine just e-mailed me an article from Apartment Therapy titled “Top 10 Signs You’re a Design Daredevil.”

Well dang, let me see if I’ve been walking the walk!

1. You’re comfortable painting outside the lines.Paint Outside the linesSure. There have been a few times that it turned out disasterous, but if done well, I’m bout it bout it.

2. You regularly blow things out of proportion.Out of Proportion

Absolutely.  I LOVE over scaled art, lighting, patterns, diamonds…  The bigger, the better baby.

3. You trust your choices.  So, when you find a pattern  you like, you use it…a lot.Trust your choices

Um, duh.  I would like to put a leopard print throw pillow, on a leopard print sofa, a top of a leopard pint rug, against leopard print papered walls. 

4.  Screw the neutrals: you want a patterned sofa.Patterned sofaThis one I have never done.  I typically stay away from patterns on upholstered furniture, but I could get down real quick with a Scalamadre le Tigre print sofa ala Carole Radziwill.  Like real quick. 

5. A Chanel No. 5 oil drum works just fine as a night stand.  As do many other unusual thingsUnusual thingsNope, never done anything like this. I’m game for experimenting though….

6.  You’ve painted woodwork, and admit you’ll do it again.Painted WoodworkAw lord….yesssssssss! Me loves painted woodwork.  Especially lacquered all glossy, glam like.

7. You break every color rule in the book.Break Color RulesObvi.  One job is like a kaleidoscope, another is all black and white.  No color rules here. 

8. You think that patterns match patterns match more patterns.Patterns on PatternsYes. Yes. Yesssssss.  And I’m real good at mixing them.  Just sayin….

9. Or. that small spaces demand large patterns. Small Space Big PatternsAbso-freakin-lutley.  I think every powder room should have nutty over scale wallpaper.

10. And you search for new ways to surprise the eye.SurpriseOf course! Isn’t that why people pay me to come up with creative ideas?  

So, there you have it.  A SOLID 9 out of 10.  I’m a legit Design Daredevil.

If you are interested in working with me to get a little daring with you’re home decor, hit me up! Jessie@curedesigngroup.com

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  1. Loved this! So clever!! You are THE design daredevil. xx

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