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By now, everyone in the blog world is madly in love with Gray Malin; but that isn’t stopping me from sharing my lust.GM

I love hearing his behind-thesceans descriptions of his photographic escapades.

His most well known shoot; Prada Marfa.

Marfa, a famous arts town located in West Texas, is home to many intriguing artistic endeavors; most notably a Prada store art installation. Filled with a 2005 collection of Prada purses and shoes, the store is sealed shut and sits freestanding on the side of the open highway. Using mules, cowboys, models and my imagination I was able to bring this unique series to life.

MG2Two CowboysMG1Legs Black & White (I would love this over my sofa! Also a fan of how Erika styled it.)MG20Cowboy and Mule

 His most recent adventure; Antarctica.

Journeying by boat from South America, I was drawn to the natural landscape of the glacier covered continent as well as the formations of the freely floating icebergs. Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallel worlds coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to shifting climates.

The greatest challenge in creating this body of work was the unpredictable weather and erratic shifting ice. I witnessed million-year-old glaciers the size of skyscrapers break off the glacial shelves and disintegrate into the ocean. This series changed my perspective of our world and I hope its beauty will influence others for generations to come.MG16Swan Ice BridgeMG17Green TubeMG18Two FlamingosMG19Rainbow Umbrella White

One of my favorite collection, Far Far Away.

Gray Malin shot this series in the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni, which expands nearly 5,000 square miles and sits at 12,000 feet in elevation. Here the color temperature reaches an intense 7,000 kelvins, making all objects appear brighter than the eye normally sees. Each image is presented in its raw form, with no editing except for the removal of the ropes used to corral the sheep and llamas. This body of work is left up to the viewer to interpret; for Malin it’s all about capturing the whimsical happiness of a place unknown.MG15Llamas Black & White Balloons (Probably my all time favorite shot of his, I just love it!)MG14LightsMG13White Table & Chairs

MG12Top Hats 1 (Great for a Men’s clothing boutique!)MG10Balls 4

Another favorite series of mine, La Dolce Vita.  It brings back memories from when I visited Cinque Terra.

Documenting many of Italy’s most famous beaches on a 2,000 mile road trip, this series was inspired by the glamorous Italian Riviera lifestyle that mesmerized the world during the 1950s and ’60s. Focusing on the retro-vintage beach umbrellas that seem to have stood still in time, this series is meant to evoke the classic nostalgic opulence of what the Italian Riviera once represented.MG8Monterosso, Cinque TerreMG9Praiano
MG7Cinque Terre Vertical 
(Oh how I wish I was still there…)

And an older series, A Timeless Pursuit.

Discovering a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress that had not seen the light of day in decades, I instantly had a vision. Using the model and the dress as my muse, I took to the streets of Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris and began to create a timeless story of a woman whose face you never see. This series is now a book and was photographed from 2008–2011.

MG4Hollywood Sign

MG6Brooklyn Bridge

MG5Eiffel Tower-Walking with Balloons 

This ended up being a long-winded post, but I had a difficult time editing down images to share-I love them all!  Search his site Maison Gray and do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram.  His feed leaves me wunderlusting and you will too.


  1. His work is BEYOND amazing!!!!


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