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I am SO excited today because I FINALLY get to share the reveal photographs of my project #DesignViaDexter.  I am so lucky to share beautiful pictures taken by Megan Thiele.  Eeks! I love this one!

A quick reminder, this is where I first started…
Before 1And here is how it turned out…

Ta da!DesignViaDexter019 copyThe other “Before” vantage point…
Before 3
And her she is now….DesignViaDexter027 copyQuite a transformation, if I do say so myself.

So, let’s take a tour shall we?


Before you get to feast your eyes on pretty pics, I must bring you all up to speed.  This client found me via Facebook.  She first messaged me in a frenzy explaining that she was “building her dream house that was quickly becoming a nightmare” and wanted to know if I could help.  Well, of course I can! Except…she lives almost 3 hours away in a very small town.  I honestly didn’t feel up for the challenge.  I have attempted to design remotely in the past, and it’s always been a bust.  Designing via e-mails and texts is WAY different than actually being in a space and buying products in person.

But…she wore me down. She promised that she loved brass and gold just as much as I did, and I was sold.  PLUS her home was already gorgeous.  She had selected the fishes herself; trim, flooring, paint, and lighting was already done. The main furniture pieces had also already been purchased.  (You can read about the beginning stages HERE.)

She wanted color and pattern, stylish but still kid friendly, and a tiny dose of bling.  We went back and forth on various ideas, but ultimately the Shanghai Peacock patterned pillows from Society Social sealed the deal.  SHanghai PeacockSo, are you ready to get on with it and check out this awesome home?

Well, come on then!

DesignViaDexter039 copyThere isn’t a separated foyer, but they had a console table under the stair rails that I dressed with some golden goods, a ginger jar, and The Aestate’s “Beverly II” print. I also had to throw in a little Greek Key action with the entry rug.

Don’t you DIE for that stunning door?  So tall and with such beautiful trim. Guess what?  All of the doors are like that.  Swoon.DesignViaDexter037 copyThe main living space is open, but their are two separate areas created by separate seating areas.  The first is a slightly more formal, fireplace gazing, wine sipping, deep thought thinking, fancy person area.  And it looks like this…

DesignViaDexter016 copyWe worked together to design the navy and white, horizontal striped drapes and hired a local seamstress sew, and install them.  She really knocked it out of the park; they are perfect.  I layered a graphic rug in the same navy and white color palate over natural jute rugs to anchor both areas.

The fireplace was flanked by awkward, empty nooks.  I had them covered in the ever classic Schumacher Imperial Trellis and added shelves to display interesting objects.  A pair of poppy colored wing backs were brought in for additional seating and that pop of color.

DesignViaDexter033 copyMy most favorite marble and brass coffee table.

DesignViaDexter015 copyDesignViaDexter007 copyDesignViaDexter010 copyBut the real star is the ginormous, abstract painting we had commissioned by local artist Joy Moll.  DesignViaDexter035 copyI mean, that baby dominates.  It is titled “Veuve Rurale” and I love it long time.  Joy is witty and weird and wonderful and we share the same birthday (November 10th) so I obviously love her long time too.  If you are in the ST. Louis area (or anywhere and don’t mind shipping costs) and are interested in getting something commissioned, message me.  I will hook you up.

Now, onto the other area.  The sports/reality TV watching on a ginormous flat screen while munching on popcorn in your sweatpants area.  That area is right here…DesignViaDexter021 copyThe husband done went and put a monster sized television on the wall and I had to figure out a way to distract the eye from it.  We painted the wall navy so the black TV wouldn’t jump out as much, installed a mini gallery around it, and the best part- we reused her parents old cabinets for a media cabinet.  My client had them painted gray, plopped them on the floor, and called it a day.  I love them.  

DesignViaDexter025 copyMore Society Social yumminess by way of additional throw pillows. For the gallery, I used lot of family photos incorporated with vintage items, as well as a few Etsy prints.  I love the red Ginger Jar print from The Pink Pagoda.  I’ve previously used a group of them in blue.
DesignViaDexter032 copyDesignViaDexter014 copyDesignViaDexter036 copyDesignViaDexter034 copyAnd now….I have saved the best for last.

My favorite space is the dining room area.

The chandelier, table, chairs, and buffet had already been selected.  I added poppy hued grasscloth, a white lacquered bamboo Pagoda mirror, a pair of Ginger Jar lamps, and a zebra rug, styled it up a bit and …

DesignViaDexter001 copyShe said it feels like living inside a jewel box, and that makes my heart melt.
DesignViaDexter002 copySo, what do you think?  Should I take on more remote clients? I truly loved this project and would love to take on more!  If you are interested in E-Design services (or local!) please contact me:

If you are interested in some fabulous photos, please contact Megan Thiele.  She shoots people and weddings and babies and dogs and apparently, interiors! Check her out..Megan 3Megan 2MeganmI mean….ridiculous, right?

And stay tuned…….we are working on a super secret collaboration that we think is going to be pretty special.  Hopefully we aren’t delusional!

So, let me know what you think !  I love to hear from my readers, it genuinely makes my day!


  1. Your work is phoenominal . Love what you did to this space.
    I love the dining room too.
    It’s spot on and that must of been a challenge being three hours away.
    Great job.

  2. Is Dallas too far??! And I want Megan to come take photos, too! You are both crazy talented. What you did here is FANTASTIC, Jessie! I’m thrilled to have a print in this incredible space!

  3. Hey homie! The place is awesome! Major major props to you on this! You and Tiff’s style is so similar. Keep doing your thing Jess!!!!
    Much love!!

  4. OMG. OMG. OH MY GOD. Amazing!!! And yes, Megan rocks my socks off too!

  5. Yeay! COngrats! It is so beautiful. I love it all. OMG and you make me laugh with your post write-ups. You are such a fab blogger. Oh and I love that you are a scorpio too!

  6. Wow!!! What a fabulous job you did…seriously gorgeous. I love it all…you are one talented lady and oh “nice to meet you too”:) Job extremely well done!!!! I am sure your client is tickled blue and white:)over her makeover!

  7. Love the colour, Love your styling, LOVE THAT PAINTING – If the family wakes up one morning to find it gone… well you might know what happened to it. That painting and I might be soul mates!

  8. Jessie! Just came across your blog and am dying over this reveal. What amazing spaces you pulled together….love every detail! xo

  9. Ann Ruggles says:

    Beautiful! Any chance we could get a source for that beautiful Dining Room chandelier? Thanks.

  10. Holy shit this is batshit crazy amazing. *jumps up and down* oh my god that’s my coffee table too! WHOOP! This is freaking amazing – THE COLOUR. Holy crap. I love it. And that dining room?! Kill me right in the face. Nailed it.

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