Etager Disater

A lot has been happening around Casa de JDMills as of late.

A lotta BS.

If you recall, in my last apartment decor update  I was bragging about the addition of a pair of vintage brass etagers in my living room.Jessie Miller Apartment 2Oh, how I adore them.  It took me over a year to source a matching pair, then what seemed like an eternity to convince Al that I needed them.  Once I had them in my own home, all was right in the world.

For awhile.

Until I learned a very valuable lesson.

The hard way.Broken EtagerYea.   That happened. And it sucked.

Apparently one should not light candles on shelves made in 1980.  Apparently the glass will get too hot and break. And apparently everything on said shelves will break as well.  Even irreplaceable vintage items.

So I am was depressed about the whole situation.   But, I’m a trooper and a problem solver.  So I’m ordering new glass and buying new vintage.  Well, new-to-me vintage.  (I don’t think that there is such a thing as new vintage.)  And life will go one.

So today, I have one almost completely styled etager and one janky etager that no one is allowed to look at.  The decent one looks a little like this…Jessie Miller Apartment 3And that is your comeback story of the day.



  1. Can’t keep a good Daredevil down!

  2. You are resilient! It looks beautiful! So excited about your new glass and new found treasures!

  3. Guurl, when I saw that jacked up pic – my heart broke a lil for you.
    Damn. the checkerboard ball thingy was haute.
    I dont know labels – dont jusge me – I just know hot s#it when I see it!

  4. no!! i would curse, cry and throw things. you poor thing. you are a strong sister though and i’m glad you are bouncing back. ‘new’ vintage always cheers me up.

  5. 🙁 That is so sad! The worst part of vintage is the irreplaceableness of it all! I’m sure you’ll find even better things though!

  6. missdiva says:

    Damn girl, you stylish.,…..


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