Hotel Sorella


Hotel Sorella Lobby

This has been what seems like, the longest winter of all time.  Al and I have both work from home, and cooped up in the apartment for way too long, which results in us wanting to kill each other going stir crazy.  So this past weekend we flew the coop and took a quick drive over to Kansas City for some much needed fun.

Per recommendation of a local friend, we stayed at the new Hotel Sorella just off of the Country Club Plaza.  It was fabulous! The lobby decor was right up my alley, a mix of crisp, stark modern with a dash of old-world opulence.  I can’t wait to go back.

hs1Chandelier over front desk.

hs2Tiled lobby floors.

hs4Complimentary European-style breakfast room (That we never made it to! :-/)

I didn’t take any pictures of the rooftop Bar Rosso, but it is not to be missed.  The service at the hotel was top notch and the amenities made up for the price.  Our favorite was the complementary car/driver service.  We felt like rap stars being shuttled around town in chic, black Escalades.  We are headed back in July and I will NOT miss a cocktail with Lindsay or Tobe this time! They have no choice in the matter!

Where is your go-to weekend getaway spot?


  1. So beautiful, right? Hope to get a chance to meet you next time!

  2. You better come and see me lady!!! We will tie one on!!

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