One of my best gal pals of all time recently did some major downsizing from a hip, swanky loft in the city to a slightly less hip, and way smaller, apartment.  She has been a Downtown city gal for the past 10 years, and was feeling a little bummed about the transition.  The apartment is brand new, modern, and has fabulous amenities; just lacking the soul and character of a cool loft space.

So I decided to hook her up.

I’ve finally joined the rest of humanity and upgraded to an iPhone 5 (I LOVE IT!), but the “Before” pictures of the space are on my old phone.  I promise to pull them off to share when I have a full REVEAL, but in the meantime I will just say they were….pretty bad.  Like nothing but a bicycle and potted fake red flowers in the living room.  It kind of scared me.

But the fun part was we got to buy pretty much all new everything.

So, this is the plan……more or less…..The Tad Pad 1And we had gotten about this far….Tad PadUntil last night. Her, myself, and two of our best gal pals all got a little crazy crafty….Tad Pad ArtYup.  That’s gonna be one legit gallery wall.

Can’t wait to install and share the official “Before and Afters.”  Follow the process on Instagram with #TheTadPad

If you need help styling your pad, hit me up ->


  1. I hope you didn’t give up on me, I’ve still been lurking around but as a mysterious no-replier for about a month (I didn’t realize it until a few days ago). Anyway, rest assured you have not lost your bloggy-stalker… Love the plan and I am dying over that coffee table. Dying.

  2. Shut up! You guys are great artists. This is one fab space, I’m loving it already!

  3. OMG I love all this artwork. You girls are amazing!


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