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I haven’t been posting much about work as of late, but it’s not because I’m on summer holiday (I wish).  I’ve been busting my hump on all kinds of fun projects and need to start filling you all in on my design adventures.

One of my current clients is the daughter of a previous client.  This is the second mother/daughter client combo for me.  (Check out the previous daughter reveal HERE and her Mom’s HERE.) She’s a super cute, twenty-something, business professional who just moved into a new apartment downtown on Washington Avenue. (Ah, those were the days…)

Lust after this swoon-worthy front door awning.

LaurelUltra glam glam.

The apartment itself is pretty basic, brand new tall ceilings with big, beautiful windows over looking the city. I forgot to take “Before” pictures at the initial consultation, blame it on wine consumption, but the place looked more or less like this; but sub in hand me down, mismatched furniture for the “staged furniture” of the display….605-towards-kitchen_628w 613-living-room_628wI’m designing the open living/dining area, as well as her second bedroom that will function as an office when she’s not traveling for work.  When we first began design conceptualizing she wanted wanted a modern, West Elm-ish design.  After e-mailing several pieces of furniture and inspirational images, she was not latching onto anything and finally sent me this picture with the caption “I really love this.”
Linds Inspiration

I totally got what direction to go.  She likes a rustic, feminine, cozy, and slightly traditional vibe.  Clients often have one idea in mind starting off, but digging into their likes and dislikes they discover their personal style can be completely different than they had thought. It happens all the time and it’s fun to be a part of the process.

I love using Cozomia artwork, especially female clients. I usually just let the client dig through the gallery and pick out what they like.  I formulate a color palate based on their selections, hers was Night Peonies for the living/dining room.LS ArtFrom the image she sent me and the art art she chose, I pulled these inspirational images. 
Inspiration BoardAnd after 12 different combinations, the finalized plan looks a lil somethin’ like this….
LS Final 2It’s a playful mix of feminine pattens and colors, rustic materials, brass accents, and a few modern pieces to keep it urban.

For the office, she selected Black Doves,Artand really wanted to experiment with a bold color choice to keep the windowless workspace cheerful.   My favorite piece of hers was a vintage Louis chair that she will use as an office chair.LS ChairThe only real function requirement was to have a pullout sleeper sofa to accommodate private sleeping quarters for guests. The plan turned out like this…

LS Office 2Things are plugging away any many pieces have been delivered.PurchasedI can’t wait for everything to be delivered so I can style this baby up!

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  1. Love love love! I’m obsessed with the pink peonies. 🙂

  2. Oh she will be thrilled when it’s all done because I’m loving it now.
    Great ideas,color and how you adapted her original photo idea.
    Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Patty and Mike says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished project – you have really captured Lindsay’s personality and style in your design!

  4. Um LOVE! The design process is so fascinating, you never know what’s going to happen. She has an adorable aesthetic, so fun to work with.

  5. Where did that coffee table come from? It’s so beautiful

  6. Loving your boards. I’m gonna want to hang out in this place when you are done, fyi.

  7. Love this! And I love hearing about the process and what you started off with. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

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