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As ya’ll know, I was lucky enough to take a last min jaunt to Hawaii last week.  It was fab, but by the time I got home I was jonesing for some design inspiration.  I could not wait to check out the reveals from this past round of the One Room Challenge.  For those of you aren’t familiar the One Room Challenge, it was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago. In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in just six weeks; some do a client’s home, but most are tackle a room in their own home.  Once a week they post their updates, and the final week is the big reveal.

Everyone did a bang up job, and I wanted to share my four favs.

First up is my beloved Christine.  You all know that I love everything she does, and I knew her ORC reveal would be no exception.  Christine took on a client’s space for the challenge, which I would imagine to be way more difficult than tackling a space in your own home.  You have limited access to the space, and are completely dependent on the client’s decisions/timeframe/budget.

Take a gander at this Before/After…CD BeforeAnd another angle…CD Before 2Coo Coo Crazy Nuts!  Six weeks? I can’t handle it!

More lovelieness…

CD After 3
CD After 5CD After 4CD After 6The flooring itself is worth a reveal.

Next is Albertina of Mimosa Lane.  Albertina recently moved into a GORGEOUS new home, a perfect time to take on such a challenge. Her’s was to complete her new living room.ML BeforeA pretty fabulous space to start with.  HELLO huge industrial windows!  (I’m dying to see the rest of the house. And her pool!)

Her sophisticated taste level was sure to produce a fabulous reveal, and she did not disappoint.
ML After 1ML After 5It’s sophisticated, cheerful, and a bit edgy. ML After 3How great are the vintage chairs she had reupholstered?ML After 2This little vignette is so great. I love the crazy art, brass peacock (of course), her amazing DIY stools, and the modern lamp.  At first glance I assumed it was a rare, vintage piece with an obscene price tag; but it’s actually from Lamps Plus and fairly affordable.ML After 4But, my  most favorite piece is this mind blowing credenza.  It just takes my breath away I love it so much.  The best part, she had is custom made.  Ah!  Rande, think you could do something like this for me? Hint hint.

Bravo Albertina!

Naomi of Design Manifest has a very distinct, modern boho style.  Last year she designed a client’s space for her ORC and the results were pretty unbelievable.  Naomi moved into a new home last year, a cottage actually, and tackled transforming her attic into a multi-purpose lounge.

I wouldn’t say that her space was the clean slate Albertina’s was (sorry girl!).  She started here…DM BrforeAnd wound up here..

DM After 1HOLY CRAP!  I don’t think that that is possible in 6 weeks time.  I guess it helps her and her Dad are professional renovators and she has a furniture maker boyfriend (Like Aidan in SATC?!). Still, that project took some balls to pull off.

DM After 2Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetDM After 4DM After 5DM After 6It’s just awesome. Stunning photography also, I might add.

Possibly my favorite transformed space is also the smallest.  Erin of Design Crisis took on her powder room.EW Before 1I have seen this powder room 746 times.  It is in half the homes in St. Louis. Crap Home Depot vanity, counters, floors, and lighting. I do not understand why so many people are okay with living with a bathroom like this.  But then again, I’m sure many people wonder why I am perfectly content investing my extra money in vintage tchotckes from flea markets instead of a 401K.

To each his own.  To each. His. Own.

Anyway.  I friggin LOVE Erin’s renovated powder room.

EW After 1I mean, OMGAHHHHHH.

The wallpaper. The chandler. The mirror. The faucet and countertop. I want it all.
EW After 3See people. You simply must paint the ceiling of a powder room.  EW After 4And hang funky vintage art.EW After 6And put brass horses on your window sill.EW After 5And install a lucite toilet paper holder for black toilet paper.EW After 2So chic.

These ladies have inspired me to get my ass in gear and start working around my apartment again.

 Six weeks, sixteen months.  Whats the difference?


  1. Heyyyyy you are so awesome, THANK YOU! This is big praise coming from you, and I’m so super flattered to be included among such talented ladies!

  2. They are all so BEAUTIFUL! They really inspire!
    Great choices….black toilet paper , who knew?

  3. OMG!! So honored to have you feature my project!! I admire your work so much and your flawless taste, so this means so much coming from you. And of course being with such talented ladies is so flattering. Erin’s, Christine’s, and Naomi’s spaces are so fabulous! That was such a good ORC

  4. Thanks so much for featuring the lounge, Jessie! Glad it meets your seal of approval! xoxo

  5. I love you VERY much. Thank you sweet Jessie!!!! And thank you to my fellow ORC ladies above for being so ridiculously inspiring to me- your transformations were amazing.

  6. Jess! I couldn’t agree more…after having devoured the afters Wed morn I promptly high-tailed my ass to each of these above blogger’s post and commented away! What Christine did with that super-dated client’s living space was one for the mags! Definitely the most high-end look, made possible with a more inflated budget than the others but that’s also what really appealed to me with Albertina’s reno. Designer’s own homes are always the LAST to be designed so I applaud her for fashioning that space around her current lifestyle. Dude I’m itching to do one of these ORCs like NOW…I have an outdoor space that definitely needs some sprucing up for summer soirees!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. spacesculpt says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Love the whole house! Thanks for sharing

  8. How did I miss this? So glad to know you love the ORC. You may need to try this. I know you can do it.

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