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I have been insanely busy working on fun design projects and have been neglecting this here blog.  There are never enough hours in the day.  I’m in the home stretch with a client I took on earlier in the year and have been dying to show off the design.  This client found me through from Facebook; we have two mutual friends who don’t know each other and both referred her to me.  I love social media!

I knew right away I would like her style.  Just love her front door, so cute right?
2014-02-21 12.30.19Well, lucky for me her dining room wasn’t so cute.2014-02-21 12.17.542014-02-21 12.17.42A close up of this lil number.2014-02-21 12.18.16Oh boy.

Luckily she wanted to clear everything out and start fresh.  The adjectives used to describe the vibe she was after were:

  • Edgy/Traditional
  • Bling/Sparkle
  • Comfy
  • Kid/Pet Friendly
  • Vintage-ish

And had these images saved to show me her style…CAfter damn near 60 different wallpaper/chair fabric combinations, and debating on whether or have a custom bar built out or just purchase a bar cabinet, we eventually decided on this furniture/color  scheme…Moodboard SueAll laid out in this spatial plan… McD DR Floorplan - 6Basically, it’s a 72″ round dining room table centered in the room that seats 8 people.  I can’t stand round rugs and I just didn’t find any square rugs that I liked for the space, so a 9×11′ rectangular rug will go below.  For the buffet/sideboard I decided to go with two 42″ curved cabinets instead of one large cabinet.  With the table being so large, I couldn’t find a piece long enough within budget to be proportionate.  The largest I found was 70″ which wouldn’t even be visible behind the table.  And lastly we nixed the built in bar for a fabulous Noir bar cabinet, which I am in love with and want one of my own.  The client let me select the bar cabinet, but her only request was that I confirm a bottle of Captain Morgan would fit inside.

I did my due diligence.Bar

Alone the plan is really great, but I wanted to make it really fabulous. I wanted to install a really special ceiling treatment; maybe silver leaf it, build out a coffered ceiling, wallpaper it?  I wasn’t exactly sure, but after researching I found this image…trellis ceiling

I am so madly in love with this space it’s stupid.  I instantly wanted to do some sort of molding/trellis/appliqué treatment, but I had no idea how to go about it.

 I knew I wanted the pattern to be graphic but traditional, symmetrical to the room, and compliment the wallpaper design.  After over analyzing for wayyyyyyyy too long, I came up with an idea that seemed too easy to be true.  I took a black and white screen shot of the wallpaper, Cole and Sons Malabar.MalabarI uploaded it to my Mirrorgram app, played around for a few minuets, and decided on this pattern…Mirror Pattern 3I went to by go-to-builder-guy Rande from Architectural Elements and told him that I wanted that pattern on the ceiling.

He told me no way.

I told him yes way.

We went back and forth and and back and forth until I finally wore him down.  We needed to get the pieces cut out of MDF on a C and C machine.  He handled that part, but I needed to get to the pattern transferred to some weird file type that I’ve never heard of before for the C and C machine to read.  I relied on my trusty Facebook network to find someone to do it.  I found an awesome graphic designer type person who knew all about this weird format.  I sent them my Mirrorgram image, along with the room dimensions, and measurements for the chandelier jBox, can lighting and speaker outlets.  He did a bang up job and sent us back this….final ceilingI was OBSESSED!  Like, exactly what I wanted, and luckily the client wanted it as well.  We decided to get after it.

About a week later Rande texted me this picture from his work shop.  McDonald CutoutsI think I peed my pants a little.  I knew it was gonna be good.

He worked his Jesus-like carpentry skills on those cutouts.  I got the wallpaper installed, some furniture delivered, and eventually things started to look like this…Install 9Install 5Install 3Install 4And I just love it so so so much.

I’m looking for the perfect vintage mirror to go on the focal wall, the rug is backordered until the end of July, we are still debating on putting the old chandelier up or replacing it with the Circa Ruhlman 6 arm,and are narrowing down fabric for the drapes.  These are the current selections…photo 5-3But it will all be done soon and we will be toasting under the phenomenal ceiling.  Can’t wait!

We are also sprucing up the powder room right off of the dining room. The space was fine, just boring.
2014-02-21 12.28.392014-02-21 12.28.37After a little Thaibut Starbright wallpaper, it’s a lot more blingy. photo 3-4We also removed the wall mount fixture and added a small filing chandelier that she already had boxed up in the basement. photo 2-9The ceiling will get a coat of grey paint and this antique mirror will be getting silver leafed and placed over the vanity. photo 1-8I can’t wait for it all to be D.O.N.E., style it all up and share pretty “After” pictures.

So, the moral of the story is, do not get annoyed with me when I’m “playing” on my phone, I’m working people! I mean, who needs a fancy design degree when you can work wonders with an iPhone apps?!?!

If you need some design solutions, please contact me, I’d love to see if I can help.

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  1. My heart just skipped a beat! That ceiling is

  2. One of the most beautiful rooms for dining I have ever seen!
    Fantastic creative thoughts and executions.
    Well done!.

  3. Heyyyy damn that is awesome! You magic!

  4. The ceiling is so good. Way to think outside of the box. Or, on top of the box. 🙂

  5. Holy crap that place looks amazing! Love seeing your work 🙂

  6. Holy shit you are a FREAKING GENIUS. That ceiling is just the most crazy beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Honest to god, I’m in awe. xxx

  7. OMG I am over here swooning. AMAZING. It doesn’t even look like the same room! You’re my hero!

  8. stop the madness! This is all too too good! I adore the wallpaper, the gold accents. LOVE!

  9. OMG. You are freaking kidding me. That ceiling is magical. If popcorn ceilings are hell, this is heaven.

    PS-I’m a designer in MO & friend of Elizabeth Baumgartener. Found you via her IG feed:)

  10. AMAZING Jessie- the BEST ceiling Ive ever seen! xo Nancy

  11. Absolutely amazing transformation! And that ceiling just makes everything even more perfect!


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