So……take a guess what I got?Rockstud 1Rockstud 9Rockstud 14Rockstud 7Rockstud 4Rockstud 2Rockstud 12Rockstud 13Rockstud 10Rockstud 11Rockstud 3Yup, I done got me some Valentino T-Strap Rockstud Pumps.mineI have been wanting a pair for almost two years, and let me tell ya. They were worth the wait.  They are a total investment, but an addition to my wardroom that I know I will get years and years of wear out of.

I had a hard time deciding on what material and color combination to go with but ultimately decided on black and nude with gold studs.  It was the obvious choice.  Of course once I selected them I realized they were sold out on every single site that sells them.  Luckily the salesman at Nordstrom tracked down one of the only two pairs in my size left in the US and overnighted them to me.

Now what color should I get next? 😉

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  1. oh wao!! You will live in them. I love that they are classic yet edgy…so fab. I don’t have them…but I sure like’em! Enjoy!!

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