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Vovas 1You might have noticed that I’m really into photography these days. But only the most provocative and unique of images interest me. Insert Stephanie Vovas. I first learned of her work through Emily, then the great and powerful Christine done went and put some SV up into her home. CHristineStephaniefireplace-portrait-photography-stephanie-vovas-jonathan-adler-vase-pedestal-ikea-stockholm-rug11-360x540Omgahhhhhh. Total design boner.  I love that shot so so so much.

I’ve been curating art for a fantastic new project (Stay Tuned!) and have spent time going through all of Stephanie’s work.  It feels very 1970’s grity glam and that, my friends, is what I like. Her work is stylized and sexy and deep.  Very deep.

Here are some of my favorites…

Vovas 4Vovas 5Vovas 6Vovas 2Vovas 14Vovas 8Vovas 7Vovas 11Vovas 9Vovas 10Vovas 12Vovas 15Vovas 3We have been working together on a piece and not only is she amazingly talented, but she is also incredibly sweet. Look what showed up in my mailbox from her today!!!Stephanie VovasMy own little Stephanie Vovas collection. I just love her and wish I could be made up like a 1970’s porn star and have her take my picture.  Maybe one day, a girl can dream right?

Check out Stephanie’s work HERE. If you want help curating sexed up art into your home, I’d love to help.



  1. jessie jessie jessie! thank you soooo much! i had to read this over and over because it made me so happy! Thank you for working with me, I can’t wait to see what you do, and I’m so happy to know you and be a part of your scene!
    xoxo! s

  2. You have all those?? They are beautiful! I love the one B &B used in taht first photo and the one with the leopard coat!! ooohhhhhh!!

  3. I love you and Stephanie a whole heck of a lot.

    That is all:)


  1. […] little more sex appeal. We are heavy into curating the art, but I’m pushing for at least one Stephanie Voyas and a Nicole Cohen because they are both so, very next level. Hoping it all winds up a lil like […]

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