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Gentleman's Home 5If I had to pick, I would say bachelors are my favorite type of clientele.

With bachelors the space doesn’t need to be child proof, they typically don’t like a lot of color, and there is always a serious bar set up; all qualities that work very well for me.  I love designing urban environments with provocative art and edgy lighting, but I am bored to tears with the usual dude requests of “reclaimed wood” and “industrial metal” furniture. Snooze. And most of the stuff they think is so “unique” was made in a factory in China (Sorry Resto!).

Another baffling male decorating trait is the ever-present, all-matching bedroom set. It must be a thing they read about on a male-only-access website.  It reads “Guys, to get laid go to a big box furniture store and buy every single piece of the most expensive bedroom collection. Then cram it all into your bedroom, whether or not you have room for it.”

Gentleman, here is a free design tip from your friend Jessie D. Miller: Acquiring a matching bed, nighstands, dressers, mirror, chest, and armoire  is not sexy; it looks like you are in kindergarten.

I digress.

Currently, I’m currently craving traditional masculinity for some bachelor designs I’m scheming on. Rich wall treatments, layers of luxe textiles, and decorative objects that feel as they have been collected over time.  There is just something so sexy about a man who lives like an adult. It reads – this guy knows how to order a good bottle of wine, goes on ski trips with old college buddies, and owns a golden lab.

I just die for this early 1900s French Tudor style Chicago home renovated and designed by the über talented Summer Thornton for a very stylish bachelor. The architecture itself is classic and she has infused timeless pieces with some modern, industrial touches to keep it fresh.  I think it’s perfection.

Guys, this is how you should be living. 

Gentleman's Home 3Gentleman's Home 6Gentleman's Home 2Gentleman's Home 4Gentleman's Home 1Gentleman's Home 9Gentleman's Home 8Gentleman's Home 7A kitchen dreams are made of.

Gentleman's Home 14Gentleman's Home 17Gentleman's Home 15Gentleman's Home 16That sconce = Everything.Gentleman's Home 18Gentleman's Home 19Look guys, mismatched bedroom furniture is where it’s at.Gentleman's Home 13Gentleman's Home 12Gentleman's Home 11Masculine styling nirvana.

Gentleman's Home 10White subway tile, black metal frame, brass fixtures. Yes. Yes. Yes.Gentleman's Home 20

The only thing left to say is, “Is he seeing anybody?”

If you know a bachelor looking to step up his design game, please contact me ->



  1. Who is this man and is he single?!?

  2. good post! loved it…You are so funny. My favorite part of this house was this last photo…this bathroom is amazing! Wow! Yeay, what is going on with the matching bedroom set?? They all get the same memo I guess!

  3. Ummmm…..

  4. So much to love here! I particularly love the kitchen lowers and am storing those away for our build. 🙂

  5. Honestly, why don’t guys get this? You should print this post out, laminate it and hand it out on the streets! If I was single and a guy invited me back to his place and it looked like that, my knickers would be round my ankles before he said, ‘can I get you a drink?’ 😉 xxx

  6. agreed – amazing spaces. definitely swoon worthy!

  7. I don’t think he will be a bachelor for long…

  8. Paaareach girl! As a single lady, my eyes are bleeding from all of the matching bedroom sets. A sexy bach pad is the ultimate aphrodisiac! And, my word, that place is amazing!

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