Lamp Love

I’ve been long time coveting a Serge Mouille lamp for my apartment.

SM Lamp 1I’m sure you have all seen different versions of the iconic light; ceiling fixture, wall sconce, table lamp, or the floor version, but maybe you don’t know much about it’s origination. Well, leave it to Erika to give us the skinny.

Serge Mouille (1922-1988) is a master silversmith out of the School of Applied Arts in Paris. But it wasn’t until the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris showcased his pieces next to Noguchi and Prouvé that actor Henry Fonda commissioned Mouille for a piece — the first U.S. piece.
Mouille’s most famous Three-Arm and Two-Arm ceiling, floor and wall lamps he has said were based on the female form, a reaction to the Italian models that had hit the scene during the 1950′s. Using his expertise in metallurgy, he drew on his fascination with musculature and skeletons to create insect-like pieces that evoke a minimal, sculptural, organic aesthetic with a sense of movement and fluidity.

SM Lamp 4Giambattista-Valli-Paris-Apartment-01SM Lamp 3SM Lamp 2After my huge honor from Rue Magazine, I decided to treat myself and get one.

Well, sorta

I’m not exactly in the market to acquire a $7,500 floor lamp. Unfortunatly. But I got a really darn good replica and I really, really love it.

IMG_3767_FotorThe design is so minimal, yet adds so much drama. It’s a weird, alien type creature looming over my living room with it’s modern shape in stark contrast to my ornate, white walls. I just adore the mix.

Now, all I need is a truly fantastic piece of art over my sofa to finally pull the space together.

IMG_3772_FotorWell art and drapes.

And maybe some new throw pillows.

And about 100 more coffee table books.

And I’d like a different media cabinet….

If you need help selecting lighting, or any other finishing piece for your home please contact me ->

I’d be happy to light up your life.



  1. Design just never ends, does it? I love the lamp. May I ask where you got it from? I’ve seen a few different replicas online, but it’s always hard to judge quality on the computer.

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