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ChicagoI am in recovery from the second annual HGTV Star Mini Reunion in Chicago. Do y’all remember that crazy reality television I did last year? Well, some of us we are still friends and try to get together every year in Chicago where Tiffany, the winner (b!tch) lives to remise and stir up trouble. It’s way, way way too much fun and yes, there will be another video to share soon.

We really are all passionate designers off camera, so it’s not all day drinking and shit talking.  We compare notes and learn a lot from each other. The most inspiring part of this recent trip was visiting the Merchandise Mart Design Center of Chicago. Living in St. Louis is fabulous, but I can’t source everything locally. For the majority of my purchases, I take to the internet, so it was an invaluable experience to visit showrooms in person.

Upon entering the Mart you are first greeted by taking a tour of the Dream Home. It’s a show house designed with six different rooms designed by six different designers using all product and materials from The Merchandise Mart. All fantastic and tasteful, here are a few peeks of my favorite moments.Merchandise Mart Chicago 1 Merchandise Mart Chicago 2 Merchandise Mart Chicago 3 Merchandise Mart Chicago 4 Merchandise Mart Chicago 5 Merchandise Mart Chicago 6 Merchandise Mart Chicago 7After taking in the loveliness, I had to get to sourcing. I’m starting on a custom home and selecting ALL the finishes . I found so many good products, but I was most in awe of the magnificent tile selections. I wish I had a use for all of them.
Merchandise Mart Chicago 19Merchandise Mart Chicago 9Merchandise Mart Chicago 11This is tile, not wallpaper, behind the sink.Merchandise Mart Chicago 12Merchandise Mart Chicago 16I’m not going to tell you how many people I would kill to have a slap of black marble in my shower.Merchandise Mart Chicago 17Merchandise Mart Chicago 18Merchandise Mart Chicago 20Merchandise Mart Chicago 21Merchandise Mart Chicago 22Merchandise Mart Chicago 23This is a mirrored, leopard print tile. That is all.Merchandise Mart Chicago 15Saw some good lighting but didn’t get to scope as much as I would have liked.
Merchandise Mart Chicago 13 Merchandise Mart Chicago 14 Merchandise Mart Chicago 24But of course, I spent the majority of the time scoping furniture. I couldn’t wrap my mind around all of the deliciousness to taste so I just focused on my main loves.

Donghia was great.Merchandise Mart Chicago 25I especially loved these faceted side tables clustered together. Merchandise Mart Chicago 27I have recently opened an account with Bradley and their showroom did not disappoint. I am DYING for their series of photographs of paper art inspired by Marie Antoinette. I would love to use them in a little girls nursery. Or my apartment. 🙂Merchandise Mart Chicago 28A fringed chair!!!! Merchandise Mart Chicago 26Merchandise Mart Chicago 38I also visited more legendary brands such as, Century.
Merchandise Mart Chicago 32Merchandise Mart Chicago 29 Merchandise Mart Chicago 30Holly Hunt offers so many styles, but the urban and glamorous entrance was my favorite.Merchandise Mart Chicago 41 Merchandise Mart Chicago 40And my absolute faaaaaaaavorite showroom, Jean de Merry. It is sexy to the next level. And we have the same initials, so obvious we are design soul mates, no?Merchandise Mart Chicago 31 Merchandise Mart Chicago 33 Merchandise Mart Chicago 34 Merchandise Mart Chicago 35 Merchandise Mart Chicago 36 This dresser is EVERYTHING. Lacquered with crystal beaded knobs. All over. I’d love to use this in a nightstand version. Omgah.Merchandise Mart Chicago 37Pretty safe to say, I was in design nirvana.Merchandise Mart Chicago 39I’m dying to apply some of my inspiration to a new client project. If you are interested in working with me, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you ->


  1. Gahh!! Proper design porn! I’m so jealous but thank you for letting me live vicariously through your visit. I feel like I need a cigarette now. (and I don’t smoke) xxx

  2. I want everything I see here!! Beautiful bathrooms…and the fringe chair!!


  1. […] As soon as we arrived at The American Club, we were in business. Hotels that greet their guests with champagne and chocolate are always winners in my book, but the real kicker was the legit key as a room key. Am I the only person who hates those electronic keys?! The American Club is covered in brick with wood paneling, fireplaces and yummy leather Chesterfield sofas everywhere. I was just waiting to run into Ron Burgundy reading a leather bound book. There is even an on site ice cream parlour. Heaven!And since it is a Five Star golf resort the place was literally crawling with golfers, and golfers require caddys, and said caddies were wearing the most amazing old school golf outfits that I’m obsessed with. Like, obsessed. I took advantage of every opportunity to harass say hi to them.I learned that Kohler literally owns the entire town that the Club is in and it’s name is, Kohler! It’s basically a quaint little all-inclusive village where one could find everything they need to live a luxe life without leaving. It’s a like a little Kohler cult and I want to be a member. We went to explore the Shops at the Woodlake which is home to an Ann Sacks showroom (which is an affiliate of, you guessed, it Kohler!). I freaking LOVE Ann Sacks and haven’t been to showroom since I visited The Merchandise Mart.  […]

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