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Soooooo, something exciting has happened….Rue's Top 7 Designers to watch in 2015Rue Magazine has just names their annual “Top 7 Designers to watch in 2015” aaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd…….

 I’m on the list!!!! 

I still can’t believe it – I am just so, very honored. It is crazy to think that a small town girl like myself is in the company of 6 other fabulous designers from NYC, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Dallas. I really couldn’t be more thrilled.

I took screen shots of my 16 page spread (SIXTEEN PAGES!!!! Holy sh!t!) for your viewing pleasure and want to give you some behind-the-scenes scoop.

Top 7 1My mantel is ever changing as I constantly get bored and switch it up. I happen to LOVE decorating for the holidays (as you can see HERE, HERE, and HERE) so I’ve never invested in permanent art.  This summer I’ve been working with a “Oui” print from The Aestate, an vintage nude sketch done my my Mom when she was in college, and fresh gladiolas. I get them at whole foods for $4 a bunch!

Painting my foyer black was one of the first things I did when I moved in. I love being greeted by my plaster bust perched on her stand – a Craigslist score!

Top 7 2I am still smitten with my beloved brass etageres. Love how the one on the right is styled, but the one on the left is a still a work in progress. I am quite pleased with how my Empress Eugenie print plays off of my Arteriors lamps and crazy 80s console table in the foyer.

Top 7 3I am still searching for the perfect piece of art to go over my infamous sofa, so no straight on shots over there yet. To make up for it I like to pile on as many treasures as possible onto my vintage coffee table. Just like the mantle, it’s always changing, but I try to have white roses (my favorite flower) and yummy smelling candles all the time.

Top 7 4Ah, my favorite room with my prized possession – the dining room with my Mastercraft table. It never gets old, I’m just obsessed with it. The famed Pucci scarf over the barcart has gotten old however, and has already been switched out for another piece. Stay tuned…

Top 7 5Now, my bedroom- yikes. I have to be completely honest here. When Rue told me that I was being named one of the Top 7 Designers to Watch they also asked for images of my home to use. Great! For the majority of my home…..except for my bedroom. At the time it looked about as sexy as a college dorm room, but there was no way in Hell I was going to pass up the opportunity. So, being the resourceful gal I am, I slapped it together the best I could.

I painted it Behr Cracked Pepper myself, keep in mind I don’t even paint my own fingernails, and I whipped up the worlds worst curtain DIY. I bought some canvas drapery panels off the rack at West Elm and slapped electrical tape all over to try to imitate Kelly Wearstler’s Channels pattern. Folks, please don’t try that at home, it looks terrible in person, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I had recently received the amaaaaazing Gillian print from Stephanie Vovas for a client and hung in place of my tragic art that is usually in it’s place just for the shot.  She is already packed back up ready to go to her permanent home (sniff, sniff) but I fell in love with her and am getting my own soon (Yea!).  My friends at Niche hooked me up with the fantastic Trina Turk throw pillows to spruce up my tragic bedding, and it looks at least presentable.Top 7 6Yes, that is electrical tape slapped on canvas. As drapes. At least my Valentinos are fancy.

Top 7 7My sweet girl got a little cameo on our balcony.  I must say, it’s my favorite spot in my home. I adore the palm print fabric and have used is again for a client.Top 7 8And there you have it! Please pop over to read the article, I’m awfully proud of it.

A huge Thank You to Meghan Thiele for capturing my home! And a GINORMOUS thank you to Rue Magazine for including me!

If you would like help getting your home publish worthy, please contact me -> I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Tracy Hall says:

    Jessie – congrats!!! You SHOULD be so proud of yourself. I just started following you and I just adore your home. Good to see a mid-western designer get some credit. I live in Cincinnati.

  2. Congratulations!
    Such an honor, but your place is so worthy of RUE .
    Love your home , your style is flawless .
    I love a girl with a sense of humor and doesn’t take her self so very seriously.
    Looking forward to more inspirations , your talent is endless.

  3. I’m so happy for you!! This is such wonderful news and so, so well deserved. You are so talented it is wonderful that you are being recognized. This is just the beginning of more good things to come. And your home…well you know how I feel about it. It is spectacular!xx

  4. It’s just so exciting! And totally well deserved. I don’t know where in the world you’re finding these things in STL, but the next time I’m in town (one of my best friends lives in Kirkwood) we must meet up for an outing. 🙂

  5. This is so much awesome I can’t stand it! It’s totally well deserved. You are one of only a few designers that make me want to burn my entire house down so I can start all over again. Stunning work and hope you popped the champers! xxx


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