Spooky Haunted Mansion

October is my favorite month of the year. No, not for Pumpkin Spice lattes, for Halloween! I look forward to planning my costume and decorating all year.  I’ve been visualizing a Day of the Dead themed vibe for my Halloween decor, and even attempted to buy this Virgin Mary statue off of Craigslist for the center focal point of my fireplace.maryBut it was about 100 lbs. and there was no way in life I could ever pick it up, let alone move, on my own.  Sadly I had to leave it, resulting in a mini melt down.  It had been a really long, stressful day and still I drove really far out of my way to get it – I felt so defeated. Between participating in the One Room Challenge, 6 other design clients/projects, following up with prospective clients, getting ready for my best friend’s wedding in Florida, designing a brand new website, being an Ambassador for St. Louis Fashion Week,  being an Influencer Ambassador for the Contemporary Art Museum, and attempting to maintain a fitness routine and social life – I’m about to lose my shit. I made the decesion to forgo decoration for Halloween this year and focus on coming up with a kick ass costume. I’m bummed, but grateful to be busy doing work I love. Next year, Right? 🙁

Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing over the top Day of the Dead  vignettes (cue the violins) but will re-post last years decorations.  I just LOVED my Spooky, Haunted Mansion vibe, and hope you do too.

Fireplace-4_FotorChair_FotorNext year there WILL be something new to share!


  1. Really!? You musy be feverish. Halloween is your shiznit girl.


  1. […] stands got me even more excited to start decorating for October 31st than I already was.  After last year’s Halloween decor defeat, I vowed to create something brand new this year. I don’t think I can outdo my haunted mantel […]

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