Week 1 | One Room Challenge

Hello lovahs! I am terrified thrilled to announce that I have accepted the One Room Challenge from Linda of Calling it Home!

ORC black logoFor those of you who have just met me through this challenge, Hello! I’m an interior designer based in St. Louis living in a Pre-War high rise apartment with my two chihuahuas – Mister Hemi and Sweet Potato. To my friends, clients, and readers who aren’t familiar with The One Room Challenge, it is a 6 week event where 20 design professionals transform a room and document the entire process on their blogs with updates every Wednesday.

I’ve been a long time spectator (You can see some of my past favorite transformations HERE) and was honored and apprehensive when asked to participate.  This round’s line up in incredibly intimidating talented and I’m really nervous excited to be apart of it.ORC-Participant Fall 2014Participants have the choice to use a room in our own home or in a clients, and since I’m a moron so ambitions, I’ve decided to tackle a brand new client’s master bedroom. Yes, a client  I’ve never worked with. In a challenge I’ve never taken part of. If I manage to stay sober at least 50% of the next 6 weeks, I will consider the whole thing to be a major success.

So, what’s the plan you ask? Well, let me tell ya. It’s amazing.  At least I think it is, and I hope you do too. The client is a very beautiful, sophisticated, and intelligent business woman. She lives in a 10 year old villa that is in relatively good condition.  She has worked with another designer on other areas of her home and they are all lovely, but she has one very important space left to tackle…

Her master bedroom, which is currently in a very depressed state of mind.

Fueller Before 2 Fueller Before 3 Fueller Before 4 Fueller Before 6

I’m getting sad just looking at it.

The pros are the 12′ ceilings and a relatively easy lay out to work with. I predict it will look a lot different at the end of 6 weeks and if I have my way, it will look pretty darn fabulous.

My client is very knowledgeable of design and art.  She reads Elle Decor, appreciates luxury handbags, and as I mentioned has worked with other high end designers. She has great taste and is not afraid of a dramatic transformation. She initially wanted to work with me because of my attraction to black walls, which in St. Louis is still a little provocative.  We both immediately wanted a cozy, layered, library feel to the space.  We put together these inspirational images…Inspiration 1Dark walls, lots of books, neutral color palette with pops of red.  

She is also a lover of canopy beds. Traditional, romantic, fabric covered canopies. This were some of the images that she had saved…Inspiration CanopyI was really excited about designing a canopied bed for the first time, but my favorite element in any space is, and always will be, lighting.  Bonus because she is willing to ditch the ceiling fan (yay!)!!!  I only pulled a few different options, but after I showed her this image, and it became a bit of a game changer…Chandelier installedShe loves this image and then decided to let me run a little wild with my natural love of mixing traditional and modern design elements. I really couldn’t be more excited about this plan, unless it was my very own bedroom. I sourced a very similar chandelier, but in brushed brass (duh!) and we have ordered this Hanley chandelier, even before the entire plan has been finalized.Fuller Chandelier 1But let’s be honest, all one really needs is that chandelier to have a fabulous room.   I’m so in love and excited to see this baby installed.  In addition to that stunner, we for sure want a combination of wall mounted, shaded sconces and table lamps.

To break up the huge, plain walls I was contemplating installing grasscloth wallpaper, specifically Phillip Jefferies Rivets because the texture and pattern would make the room feel cozier and less sterile. So I began sourcing all kinds of fabric and paper….Reject materialsAnd started off with his sort of situation…Fuller Bedside right 1And we hated it.

So I eliminated the red lamps (I don’t really like color anyway, ha!) and put in my beloved Mary McDonald brass and marble Regine beauties.Fuller Bedside right 2Better, but I still didn’t love it. I love brass and glass tables in a living room, but I learned I don’t like glass tables in a bedroom at all. So I put in a more predictable nightstand.Fuller Bedside right 3And she doesn’t really like that one either, but we agreed she needs some bedside storage so I will continue to source.

Then I got the estimate back on installing the Phillip Jefferies Rivets and it costs about the same as putting your child through college. So, yeah, that’s not going to happen.

The most interesting change we made was to hold off on the fabric covered canopy. We both love the chandelier so much, we don’t want to compete with it, or worse block the view of. I still want to use a canopy frame to create drama and utilize the vertical space, just not cover it.  I know that seems like it would eliminate a lot of work  for me, but it’s actually been really stressful. Originally we were just going to get a plain-jane canopy bed frame and my seamstress was going to make the cover. Now I needed to find a gorgeous frame that isn’t $10 grand, which is harder than I thought.

I narrowed it down to these babies…beds

And we ultimately decided on the Paramount bedParamontTa da!!!!!

I mean……it’s just so fab, no?

But do you want to know what’s not fab? The customer service department at VF Basic where I ordered it. They can not give me any sort of commitment on a delivery date. It’s been on order for a few weeks, but I would still like an idea when it will arrive. I understand if it’s their policy to not give delivery dates, but they have been quite rude and unresponsive to all of my nagging questions and don’t nobody need to get ugly with me when I’m just trying to buy a bed and you supposedly sell beds to people who want to buy them!!!!! GR!!!!!

Worst case scenario (Lord I hope I’m not jinxing myself!) I will use a sleeping bag on top of an air mattress for the reveal, and it will be the chicest sleeping bag on top of an air mattress you ever did see.

I digress. On to more beauty…

Instead of Phillip Jefferies grasscloth wallpaper (since it’s so flippin expensive) to add the much needed pattern and dimension , crown, chair rails and moldings will be installed and all painted out Tricorn Black. Yahoo!!!!! Sounds better than some boring old wallpaper anyway!  I would put mouldings inside a coat closet if a client would let me. I’d like a burl wood nightstand one one side and a petite writing desk on the other with a reupholstered antique chair. We have to have a pet friendly synthetic sisal area rug, but I’m hoping to at least layer a zebra rug to add a little more sex appeal. We are heavy into curating the art (my favorite part), but I’m pushing some black and white abstract action and at least one Stephanie Voyas and a Nicole Cohen because they are both so, very next level. Hoping it all winds up a lil like this…

Fuller 1Now, because I like to make life hard on myself, I am pushing to add an antique marble fireplace mantle. There will be no “real” fireplace, just a decorative mantle between the windows inspired by this fierceness at Melanie Duncan’s chic NYC padFireplace
But we won’t be mounting a flat screen, oh no. We are in search of the perfect piece of statement art.Fuller Window wall 4And what about all of those books we love so much?  Since she has a sufficient walk-in closet we don’t need or want a dresser.  Instead I’m adding small reading nook flanked by overflowing bookcases. Fuller Bookcase wall 1It will all lay out like this…Fuller Plan 2

And hopefully I won’t be laid out in a chalk outline  smack  dab in the middle by the sixth week.

Please follow along my design adventures. I will be oversharing the process on my Instagram. Do me yourself a solid and follow me.  You might even view a few drunken selfies after drinking myself into a stupor over that bed.  Or just cute pics of my dogs. Or better yet – drunken selfies  with my dogs. Those always get lots of likes, I will should post more of those.

Anyhoo…..If you read this entire post, thank you so much for your interest in me and my work.  I can promise you that there are 19 other insanely talented ladies who have  a much higher chance of success than I do.  Go investigate them and pretend like we never met.

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Trademarked by Calling it Home

Just kidding! Don’t leave me! I need you!!!!! I’m looking forward to showing off my progress next Wednesday! Please send me positive bed vibes!


  1. Oh my gosh I am dying over this dramatic room design!! The walls, the bed, the light? Oh my. You are going to kill it! I can’t wait to see it all come together over the next six weeks!

  2. I am sitting at the edge of my chair…..I want to see what happens next. Love, love, love the design. Lucky client!

  3. Um. I’m going to die with envy watching this!! What a spectacular plan. Good luck and can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  4. GURLLLLLL….you know I love me some moulded walls and when they’re black, all is just that much better. Dying over the bed, the plan and of course, all that balls to the walls insanely perfect art!!!!!! This is going to be so so good and I can’t wait to follow along!

  5. I want to be your client! This is amazing! I love, love everything you have planned. Just that light makes me happy so imagine when the whole room comes together. yeay!

  6. Holy mother goodness. I love every inch of this- especially the bed and of course my girl crush– Ms. Stephanie Vovas’ print. I can’t wait to see how it all progresses.

  7. I agree with Albertina – I want to be your client! What amazing taste! I’m in love with the idea of burl wood nightstand & desk combo! Cannot wait to see this space some together! XX jana

  8. Oh MY. This is going to be absolutely TO DIE OVER AMAZING. I love everything you’re doing. And, wow, that fixture. I haven’t seen it before and am officially obsessed.

  9. You had me at the chandelier. It’s an amazing piece and will look fabulous against the dark walls. Canopy beds are a favorite and love the way you are going to drape the fabric…can’t wait to see it all!!

  10. Well lady, you had me at dark walls and that chandelier. I’m hooked. See ya next week for more deets

  11. Oh my gosh…I hope you get that bed! Cant wait to see the finished room!

  12. Oh good Lord. This is so over to top chic and sophisticated. Adore every inch already.Will say prayers that awesome bed arrives in time!!

  13. I am drooling with anticipation. All the alcohol fueled late night sessions will be well worth this fabulous whirlwind.

  14. Hot damn. Move me in stat!

  15. Wowza! I can just imagine this room especially with that awesome Philip Jeffries wallpaper! Can’t wait to see your progress!

  16. Ughhh… this is already so kickass. I love it. Can I move in too?

  17. Oh my word, THAT BED!!! More prayers that it arrives in time! Your plan is fantastic and I cannot wait to watch it unfold!

  18. That bed is to die for! Very lucky client. I can’t wait to see how this room unfolds!


  19. Dying….I need that chandelier but at like 1/8th of the cost!! haha #designerproblems

  20. This will be so amazing…you had me at the chandy + the Mary McDonald lamps! Can’t wait to see more doll…Cheers!! xo

  21. Sure to be amazing!

  22. The bed! I can’t wait to see how you pull this all together. I am so excited for the dark walls!

  23. I am so glad you are part of this since I love your style! The room is going to be so fantastic, I really love it! Can’t wait to see the end result.

  24. Dang it all girl…..rock on with your bad self. I likey:)

  25. love the plan, love the scheme, love your explanations and love your fabulous personality! can’t wait to see this unfold. fingers crossed that damn bed arrived. If not… photoshop?

  26. That will be one super cool room!!

  27. Now we’re talkin. This is brilliant. Can’t wait to see this transformation.

  28. OMG … you are amazeballs, it will be over the top fab and I am so excited to watch you drink, I mean transform, this space from drab to FABULOUS!! xo

  29. You had me at that lighting fixture and the canopy bed. This will be fantastic.

  30. oh i actually love where you landed best! sic! that chandy was on my list for the dining room…until i discovered that i couldn’t afford it. will be living vicariously through your client 🙂

  31. I hope you get the fireplace!!!It will be perfect for your fabulous design plans! Can’t wait…can’t wait!!!

  32. Patty and Mike says:

    Jessie – I’m so excited that you are doing this project! I have the same sad master bedroom! Same floor plan, same villa builders neutral paint, same furniture placement, same white bed covers. I can’t wait to see what you do!!! Hope we can use this as a starting point when you do the design for our bedroom/bath – You go girl!

  33. Wow, this is going to be a spectacular transformation and I am excited to follow along!

  34. Oh nobody told you the rule? It’s actually frowned upon to do the challenge sober. 🙂
    Okay, I may just have found another blog and IG account to stalk for hours. I love this room! Like everything! The chandelier, that bed…Sweet Jesus! I can’t wait to see more. Good luck and cheers!

  35. I love your plan!!! Sooooo excited to be following along! 🙂

  36. omg, that bed to start with…such a great anchor piece! add your plan (which is over the top cool) and you have a magic formula for a great room. a kindred spirit with those metallics too 🙂 dana

  37. I love a dark colored bedroom! Cannot wait to see it all come together!! And that light fixture is amazing…

  38. Oohhh That BED!!! And I just love the drama of a dark room! Can’t wait to see it done! 🙂

  39. Oh my dear god woman. Please come to England and burn my house down and then we’ll rebuild and I’ll let you decorate it for me. Seriously. This whole thing is like SEX. GAH. So so good.

    Also, I’m totally behind on your blog so going to catch up now. Jonesing to see how this pans out.


  40. My before looks much like your client’s before and I’ve been sitting on it for 3 years. The pictures of this room have finally inspired me to do something about it! Thanks for sharing your concept.

  41. Oh my God! Any update on this? I’m dying to see the finished product! I love the “not a real fireplace” idea. I’m also a fan of dark walls so you got me there! How much did you guys get the Paramount Bed?


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