WEEK 2 | One Room Challenge

Hey hey y’all. I want to thank each and every one of the kind souls to leave me a sweet comment last week. I can’t tell you how encouraging it was to hear positive feedback.  This ORC drama is a challenge fo realz. Thanks a lot for getting me into this mess Linda. Just kidding. But just kidding on the just kidding part.

If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, two things: 1. Why are you not currently cyber stalking me and already knowledgable of every pretty, filtered, detail of my life? 2. Please see last week’s (Week 1) post before continuing. I’m a stickler for chronological order.  That’s probably why I’m still not into The Walking Dead.  I missed the first season and didn’t have the time to catch up once the second season started and I had the best intentions of binging some weekend and getting into and it never happened and now it’s season 14 and I could care less about Glen and his girlfriend.  Sorry Mom.

Anyway….I’m still stressed to the MAX about the bed. No updates on that.

Good news, all of the fabric/furniture/finishes have been selected and ordered.  Biggest ticket item is architectural details, i.e. big ass crown molding, trim, chair rail and an intense built in shelving/bookcase system for the reading nook.

Built in SconcesI’m using the above image as inspiration for my carpenter, Architectural Elements, as it is very similar to what I was visualizing to begin with. Creating the illusion of built in bookcases with closed storage on the bottom, wall mounted sconces, oversized black and white abstract art, Chesterfield style love seat, and a zebra rug. Ours will of course have a ton of books, but I will probably add a few more interesting objects to the mix. A combination of traditional and modern elements to create a timeless, layered feel.

So what are those elements you ask? Well let’s start with lighting. As you know we already decided on the sickeningly sexy Hanley Chandelier, but I will be adding an ornate ceiling medallion to give it that old world|modern tension that I live for.ceilingWe already received the Mary McDonald Regine table lamps and we ordered four Mary McDonald Directiore sconces, two for above the headboard and two for the reading nook.lightsBut the most exciting order was……….

THIS!fireplaceYup. Marble mantle. It’s coming. Get to know me.

This burly man will be standing in as a nightstand.Burl TableAnd I also sourced this vintage chair to be reupholstered for the writing desk.chairIn what fabric you ask? Well…..I’ll give ya a peak at the entire package and leave you to guess what’s going where….finishesHonestly, you know I’d love to over share and tell you where every single element is going as I love talking about myself and my work, but I’m exhausted and am going to have a cocktail coffee instead.  Please tell me what your predictions in the comments though…which fabric goes with chair, drapes, romans, pillows etc. I’d get a kick out of hearing!

And just to add more fuel to the fire, I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow to celebrate my best friends wedding!  bgIsn’t she major? I can’t wait!

Hopefully I make it back next week! If not, I’m in Florida wearing a coconut bra. But please follow up with these fancy ladies who are doing it big in their One Room Challenges without a doubt.

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  1. I can’t freaking think about what fabric goes on what after seeing those BUILT INS…THAT BURLED BEDSIDE…that CHANDY/MEDALLION combo…and the MARBLE FIREPLACE of my dreams. I’m seriously totally dead over this. Like my brain hurts and feels like it might explode.

    PS- Can we go into business together? I feel like we share a brain.

  2. That mantle! That ceiling medallion! Both stunning.
    I’m such a sucker for a great ceiling medallion and that was is the cat’s meow! Well done.
    Have a great time at the wedding and congrats to your best friend!

  3. Cannot wait to see the mantle in place – it’s amazing and still am obsessed with the chandelier. Now you’ve added the medallion…obsessed with it all!!

  4. Love that burl table. And yes, the fabrics are amazing. But Please Please Please, come back with said coconut bra! Have the best time this weekend.

  5. Please isntagram a pic of you wearing your coconut bikini!! Have so much at the wedding…ok…everything you plan here is amazing…the medallion with that pendant…YES!! and the marble mantel??!! WHAT!!?? amazing…This is going to be insane!!

  6. That mantel is jaw dropping. seriously fab. This is going to be a show stopper, no doubt! Have a wonderful vacation.
    Abby M.

  7. That marble mantel is drop dead gorgeous! I love your plans. Can’t wait to see more updates next week!


  8. OMG you had me at mantle!!! I can’t stand it! That reading nook, those textures! Show me more!

  9. Just WOW. This bedroom is going to be out there crazy good. But, I’m worried about that bed. That sounds super stressful. Yikes. BUT THE MARBLE FIREPLACE…..

  10. If you stay in FL for a bit longer, I will buy you a cocktail….provided you are anywhere near me? OK, as for the fabric, I see that nobody has daredevil-ed to guess? Solid black for Romans, gold/black geo stripe from drapes, ostrich for chair, blue moire for pillows.

  11. Looks like its coming together nicely! I am in love with the built-ins and side table! Oh, and that fireplace!!!!

  12. well. i just about died with all of your lighting choices.
    kill me now.
    go girl.

  13. obsessed. It’s going to be gorgeous. Need to know more about this mantel!!
    Oh and I Love the fabric.

  14. Ok dang…this is a “big girl” room for real! Who cares where it is all going…but that IT IS all going in the same room!

  15. ok, eye candy after eye candy. Seriously? love everything that’s coming together! Can’t wait to see next week.

    I’m a linking participant and will be posting tomorrow…have fun at your beastie’s wedding this weekend!

  16. Going to be amazing —the lighting is perfect! What great vintage finds!

  17. LOVE everything you have. Mantle, fabric, CRAZY GOOD

  18. i just don’t even know where to start. this bedroom is going to be RIDIC. my brain wants to explode already and i haven’t even seen anything in place. have a good time this weekend!!

  19. This is going to be SO major major. And also, how is it possible for you to be so damned beautiful and talented and frankly, hilarious? You are making things really difficult for us normo’s ya know.*


    *it’s okay I still think you’re fab

  20. Love love love everything. And the MANTLE!!


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