WEEK 3 | One Room Challenge

It’s Wednesday. Do you remember what that means…?ORC black logoOne Room Challenge update time!

Otherwise known as I’m blurry eyed typing a nonsensical design breakdown at 2 am Wednesday morning so that I post in time for the 7 am weekly deadline and not break the rules of the ORC sisterhood.

For those that don’t know (who are you people?) The One Room Challenge, it is a 6 week event where 20 design professionals transform a room and document the entire process on their blogs with updates every Wednesday. The creator, Linda of Calling It Home, has rounded up an incredible group of talent this year and I’m dying to see everyone’s reveals.ORC-Participant Fall 2014

If you are new to follow along, please take a peek at Week 1 and Week 2 to get caught up at my design drama to date.

If you recall, I was in Florida the majority of the week for my best friend’s wedding, so……not a ton of design work was done on my end. There was, however, a lot of eating and drinking done and now that I’m back in cold, rainy St. Louis all I want to do is sleep the day away. But design never sleeps my friends , design never sleeps! 

The One Room Challenge must go on!


  1. The biggest headache is still the bed. I literally have no clue when it is being delivered and now the VF Basic customer service department hates me. If VF Basic and I were friends on Facebook we would be in a “Complicated Relationship”
  2. One of my AMAZING readers (who doesn’t even live in St. Louis!) was following my bed stressing sent me the most drool worthy Craigslist ad I’ve ever seen…. BEHOLD! 01313_lMaGdDM6WzS_600x450Yes. Not only a brass canopy bed, but also a set of burl wood nightstands. But…it gets better…..00s0s_1NjTumBfbQj_600x450A brass and burl dresser. I cant make this stuff up people. All of that brassy/burl sexiness for $700.  $700!!!!!!!!!! Four major pieces!!!!!!!!  I didn’t know what was going where or for who but I was looking at this listing on my phone in the Tampa International Airport jumping up and down thinking about how lucky I am and how everything always works itself for me, literally fighting back tears. Everything was meant to be.  The Design Gods were smiling on me.  It was a beautiful moment.  I immediately called and e-mailed and called and e-mailed and called and e-mailed the lister saying I was overnighting a check and I would arrange delivery ASAP.  And by about the fifth call, they picked up………………………………..and the listing had sold 11 days earlier.       And that’s all I’m going to say about that………………………………………..
  3. This originally selected nightstand that I was so hot for…….

Burl TableDone went and got discontinued. $!@%#* So……. I had to re-source. We will now bring home this burly fellah, and I think he’s quite handsome.Modern History

4. Primer and moldings are up and crown is prepped thanks to Architectural Elements….Construction 1 Construction 2 Construction 3

5. My beloved mantle has arrived. In pieces. But it’s here

Construction 46. My lack of sleep is causing crabbiness. That is all.

Next week there will be gorgeous art selections and beautiful books to see, so please stop by again next week. In the meantime, check out my partners in design crimes current status…….these ladies are my idols.

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  1. That $700 set that sold makes me angry. It’s not at all pleasing when the gods don’t seem to be on your side but rest assured my dear friend, this room is already EVERYTHING…and by everything, I really and truly mean everything. The burl against the black is too good for me to talk about and well, the freaking fireplace- it’s almost too much for me to take.

  2. CL is of the devil about 80% of the time, people don’t answer and leave you lusting after some beautiful item for cheap that you can’t get your hands on. Seriously. Besides that, your room is amazing with the dark walls and moulding! That bed, swoon. Can’t wait to see the end results.

  3. I love CL and HATE CL sellers!! So sorry about your bed situation. The room is amazing already. What a fantastic job with the trim, paint, and pieces of mantle :). C’mon, this has to be easier than Design Star?

  4. Ugh! That CL find….such a bummer!! I know you will figure something out and it will look fabulous. LOVE how those moldings are looking—beautiful detail!

  5. the moldings!!!

  6. I just felt your terrible pain with that CL listing…what an emotional rollercoaster ride…geezzz…but those walls look AMAZING!! and the mantle…..Glorious! it is all coming along so beautifully!! I just love it!

  7. Wow, with the bed and CL stress, I’m happy you had a nice break in Florida! This is going to come together sooooo beautifully.

  8. Craigslist %$#$^U&*U!

    But I know you will survive stylishly.

  9. I cannot even handle this situation. Too freaking gorgeous for words. That’s what it will be. The end.

    PS curses to that teasing CL lister.

  10. Hah! I join you on TEAM STALKER. Sometimes its necessary to get the job done. Love the burl, love the black. Sexy, Sexy.

  11. Oh well screw the CL guy, wanker. The room, however, is sexy as hell and it’s gonna be SO GOOD!!! Chin up chick, I have no doubt this is going to all fall into place! Now go get yourself a stiff drink, you deserve it xxx

  12. Ugh, totally stinks on the bed situation! But hell, who needs a bed when you’ve got those gorgeous walls and mantle!! 🙂 Hope this week goes well!

  13. Holy shit….what a let down…I was so feeling your pain on that one. I agree….design can make you crabby at times but I am in full confidence mode with you…..and what you have already accomplished!

  14. So sorry to hear about your bed situation and your CL stress. On the bright side, I love how your dark walls and mouldings turned out. Together with the gorgeous bed, beautiful fireplace mantle and the burl goodness, I am sure this room will look amazing in the end. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!


  15. hating you right now because regardless of how long it takes, its going to be the most gorgeous space ever. LOVE it girl.

  16. That new nightstand is sexy! And I’m depressed about the CL situation – such as tease when they leave the ads up!!!

  17. i mean, this is siiiiiiiiiiicccccccc, craigs score or no. please please let us see that fireplace in action next week. otherwise, i’m making a long overdue trip to STL (which i need to do anyway). oxox

  18. The color is amazing and love all of the architectural details. Can hardly wait to see the mantle all assembled – know it will be fabulous!

  19. Stay positive, that wall color and that burl piece >>>amazing!!!

  20. wow! That completely sucks. CL is like a friend who talks behind your back sometimes. However, your room looks amazing already! The color is super sexy. It is going to look awesome!!!

  21. Holy gorgeous town! I never have luck on craigslist, that sucks but LOVE that burl nightstand replacement you found! Super handsome. And those walls & wainscotting! hubbaa hubbaa! Seriously you have the coolest client ever! Can’t wait to see more! XX jana

  22. OMG that Craigslist tragedy is almost too much to bear! On the flipside, the walls are absolutely stunning and I’m all worked up over seeing the mantel!!

  23. your walls look amazing…and i’m loving that burled wood on the nightstand, this will look great against the dark paint. dana

  24. I literally can’t wait to see this room. The fireplace, the moulding, the burl & all that black. It’s going to be so goooood!

  25. Sellers who don’t remove their Craigslist ads drive me bonkers – It’s just cruel to show us what we’ve missed out on.

    I’m dying to see this room completed – it’s going to be stunning!

  26. This is going to be SO GORGEOUS!!!! Can’t wait!!!


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