WEEK 4 | One Room Challenge

It’s Wednesday, my favorite day of the week……..American Horror Story night!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and it’s also……….One Room Challenge update day!!!!!!!ORC white logoFor new readers, the One Room Challenge was create by the lovely Linda from Calling it Home and challenges 20 design professionals to transform a room in six short weeks and give weekly updates on Wednesdays. If you haven’t been following my challenge so far please check out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

Let’s just say it feels like that quickly-approaching-deadline be lookin like…twisty-the-clown-american-horror-storyI’m a lil scared.

Construction progress is moving along slowly but surely. Architectural Elements has installed the huge, bad ass crown molding and my beloved ceiling medallion.

Jessie D Miller week 4 ORC UpdatesAnd the built in bookcases are really making the entire space come together.Jessie D Miller week 4 ORC Updates 2Lovey love love.

Can’t wait to style those shelves up in a story that looks a lil like this…ACC GRIDBut I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get the lighting installed. Like, literally foaming at the mouth.

Also dying to see the big, bold piece of abstract art I had commissioned by Ted Collier installed smack dab in the middle of the bookcases.  I worked with Architectural Elements and Ted a few years ago on a similar project with  a built-in banquet with large scale abstract art for a modern bachelor pad and I think the collaboration was quite successful.Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Banquette 2 copyOf course this time I will be increasing the drama with a traditional bookcases in edgy black. If you have been following my work for awhile you know I have a passion for black and white abstract art and this project will showcase an original, one-of-a-kind piece from Ted.  My client and I took a field trip to his studio to discuss the vision.ted collier studioLove his space.

We ultimately decided to go in a Franz Klein inspired direction, this is one of my favorites…..Franz KleinI can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

All of the other art pieces we have selected are pretty darn ferocious as well. We will have a Gillian from my beloved Stephanie Vovas.Vovas 3An ADIDAS from the incredibly original and inspiring Nicole Cohen.NIcole COhenI will say that this art selection has caused the most head scratching, especially from men. They are just a little confused on how this incorporates into a bedroom collection then one guy said “Oh, the “All day I dream about sex” print.” and then I was scratching my head.  I had no idea that was a popular acronym for Adidas and now I love it!

I also want to share that Nicole Cohen is the creator Sketch 42, by far one of the smartest, most original, and visually appealing art/design blogs and she has just released a limited edition book featuring works of hers and every page is single sided and tearable for easy framing.  GENIUS!

Now, for the piece that will take the coveted spot above the mantle….. I’m very proud to share that my client sourced it herself.  I can’t tell you how much of a dream client she really is, I’m so lucky.  She was originally contemplating  Roman Polanski’s Nightmare by the artist that goes under the name Pure Evil in the UK.Roman Polansky's NightmareI adore it. Also love many others from the collection. But something just didn’t feel right. So we ended up selecting Rata Sliks “Portrait” and I am wild about it.Graffitti GirlIt’s a signed, limited number and isn’t terribly large, so I am mounting a large mirror over the mantle and layering this over it. It’s going to be MAJOR. I do think the collection looks incredible together.Jerssie D Miller One Room Challenge Art SelectionsLove large.

These beautiful nudes from Minted will also make a surprise cameo in my design scheme.Minted ArtFemale Nude 2 is on the left and Gestural Figures on the right.

I also have  a huge trick up my sleeve that will feature these lovely botanicals from The Pink Pagoda.PPCan’t wait to share a little secret with you all!

Please keep up with my design adventures on Insat @designdaredevil. Last week was littered with a lot of self-indulgent outfit posts from St. Louis Fashion Week but now I’m back to my daily uniform of leather jackets and leopard print tennis shoes and my picture taking is it’s regular  pretty decor stuff. And gratuitous chihuahua shots. And my manicures….

Anyway, I appreciate all of the support, this has been a really fun challenge and I just can’t wait to cross the finish line. Please check out my fellow Design Daredevils, because let’s face it, you ain’t a scaredy cat to sign up for the One Room Challenge.

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  1. Jesus Mary Joseph Balls…this post just swam out of my designer dreams. THE ART!!!!! I’m dead.dying.dead over all of it. Seriously- I’m sort of mad that this isn’t my post because I want it to be. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

  2. Whoa…some seriously bold and glam art!! Can’t wait to see it installed!!!!

  3. And this is why you hire a designer. THE ART…THE BUILT-INS…LOVE IT ALL!

  4. Holy mother…this artwork is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see what Ted Collier comes up with!

  5. This room is going to be amazing. I can hardly wait to see all of the artwork installed…gorgeous!!!

  6. Um….speechless. So damn good I fainted. This room is going to explode with goodness. Talent

  7. ok, adore, adore, adore it all! all the art is amazing….how funny about Adidas having that acronym…sometimes I fell like I live under a rock. I love Nicole’s work and blogged about her cool book yesterday! yeay! And I love your instagram…love the occasional selfies cause you are so cute! The medallion! no words. I want to be your client! And can’t wait to see what The Pink Pagoda does for you!!

  8. Sick! I love it!
    PS I look forward to American Horror Story tonight!

  9. The art you picked is fierce and so very cool. Love the built-ins! Can’t wait to see more next week!


  10. Stephanie Vovas and Nicole Cohen (bought the book yesterday, cannot wait to get it) are two of my all time favs. But I am having trouble functioning after seeing that Rata Sliks piece, AHHHMAZING! So jealous. The Pure Evil piece is pretty great too. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it!

  11. The talent that you need to build such beautiful bookcases is way out there. Love them. I can’t believe that you have never heard the acronym for Adidas. Love the art and boy are you a tease with those TPP prints. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  12. OMG!!! Your art selection is spectacular! Seriously. I love love love where this is going. Good luck!!

  13. GAH crazy town good! Definitely need to snap up Nicole Cohen’s book.

    This space is going to be insane! Cannot wait!! X

  14. Do I have to wait like everybody else???

  15. sic. all of it. SIC!!!! drama drama drama in the best of all ways. get it, girl! ox

  16. Davidian Alt says:

    The way you compose and arrange all the elements is masterful.

  17. Judas priest. Dying dead. The art alone but then add in all the custom details. You are freaking brilliantly talented.

  18. loving all of that art girl. loving it!!!!!!
    this is going to be so so so good!

  19. What are some of the best places in St. Louis to find art? I’m finally at the point in my life where I’d like to start buying around one nice piece a year.

    Love to see great design work in our city!

  20. Glamorama!! Cannot wait to see this room come together.

  21. UMMMMMM… like, whoa. Le wow!

  22. Oh my dear god that ART!!! FML. I need it now in my life. ALL OF IT.

  23. Why arent you listing where you found the pieces on the bookshelf! I am reading all 6 of your posts with no links at all!! Hook it up!


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