WEEK 5 | One Room Challenge

This is it folks, Week 5 of the 6 week long One Room Challenge!

ORC white logoHoly Mother! This is the last post I will write until the reveal post next week. Quick! Someone buy me a drink!

For those suckers who haven’t been following me on my One Room Challenge, I encourage you to go back to the beginning and read Week 1, Week, 2, Week 3, and Week 4 before proceeding. But, if you are like me and have no patience, I will bring you up to speed. Linda of Calling it Home is the master mind behind The One Room Challenge in which 20 design professionals transform a room in 6 weeks and post updates on their blogs every Wednesday.ORC-Participant Fall 2014I have been a longtime spectator, but this is my first session ever being a participant.  I must say it is so much fun, but incredibly stressful. We are all allowed to use any room we want for our transformation; one of our own, a clients, a friend’s, whoever.  I am working on a client’s master bedroom.  A few people have asked me about the room/client and are a little confused, just to clarify this is a real client of mine. I have worked on this project as I would work with any other client, I’m just off the charts stressed about the timing of everything and staying up till the wee hours of the night getting my weekly posts up in time. My client has been so gracious about the challenge and I am so lucky to work with her.

Now…..on to the design! A loooooooot is happening, which is a good thing considering we are “Revealing” in a week. Eek!

First things first…..Architectural Elements has just about completed the construction. That means crown molding, trim molding, chair rail, ceiling medallion, and fireplace are all in. And most importantly…….the lighting is installed!!!!!!  There were some bumps in the road, but it has turned out exactly as I visualized and I couldn’t be happier with the (almost) finished result.

Behold…. Jessie D Miller 3Jessie D Miller 1 Can we just have a moment of silence for this lighting situtaion. lightDaum. I’m good.

The built-in bookcases/reading nook is just about completed as well. All we need are the lower doors to be installed. Jessie D Miller 2Can’t. Wait. To style.

I love love love having the walls, moldings, crown, doors, and baseboard all painted out in black.  I will highly doubt I will ever paint trim out in white again, I think it looks so much more luxurious all in the same color. You know what they say, once you go black….

Now…..all that is left to do is install the drapes and roman shades, furniture, art, accessories and get it photographed by Tuesday at midnight. Omgahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I feel like I can pull it off, but then again a few months ago I felt like I could pull off the “overalls are back” trend.  Let’s just say that was an over ambitious idea.

A tad worried because the burl side table was delivered……cracked.Cracked legIt had to be shipped back and hopefully the replacement will be here in time.  But the main thing I’m concerned about is, of course, the bed. It is finally scheduled for delivery and God willing it will arrive by the end of the week, but now I’m stressed about the sconces fitting over the headboard. The customer service keeps getting better and better <insert sarcasm>. I needed the headboard specs to get the sconces wired in the correct location, and of course the couldn’t provide that to me. We ran out of time/options and basically had to guess where they should be installed. No pressure at all…..

Luckily, it’s not all going south.  There are some fun things have been happening….Nicole Cohen’s Adidas print is ready to be picked up from the framer.AdidasA zebra rug has arrived.rug

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  1. I can’t. I’m literally speechless. Like my mouth is open and I’m dumb with jealousy.

    What the heck are the ceiling heights in this place?

    The walls…the moulding…the built ins…THAT LIGHT…THE FIREPLACE!

    It’s perfect and by perfect, I mean perfect.

    You’re amazing my friend. Truly. This is business being served.

  2. That lighting situation…. I just can’t. It’s stunning. You ARE amazing! And all that black? Swoon…

  3. You had me at that first photo! I could sleep on the hard floor and just stare at the chandy, those walls and that fireplace for hours! Who needs furniture!? Cannot wait foe next week!

  4. I cannot even type my comment because I am dumbstruck. Slap crazy with amazement over every single inch. Equal parts jealous beyond imagining and giddy with anticipation of the full monty reveal. Officially bowing down.

  5. Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! is all I can say….the medallion and that light….so crisp and beautiful..I really adore it. And everything black! It looks spectacular. You don’t even have to do anything else. it is a masterpiece already. This client must be the happiest person in the world right now. She was sure smart to hire you. LOVE.IT.ALL!

  6. Wow. I so want to have a room like this one day. It is absolutely incredible. Kudos.

  7. I am ready to move in. Who needs a bed?


  8. Ditto to all of the above!!!!
    You are a stud!!!!

  9. WOW. I want everything in that room in my house. I want to sell my house and move there. I cant wait for the reveal.

  10. The light fixture is off the charts gorgeous! And that magnificent fireplace! Everything looks so good!

    Looking forward to see the finished space!


  11. You could just stop now. Looks freaking amazing.

  12. It’s so good, I can’t even stand it! The chandelier is STUNNING and is perfect in the room with the white medallion, and the room color…love!!

  13. Wow doll the lighting looks AMAZE. And you know I’m a huge fan of the dark walls. I’ll join you for that drink…ha! Cheers to the last week xo

  14. Holy sexy town!! That light fixture major hubba, and one you go black… I mean so so good! Cannot wait for the reveal!! Xx jana

  15. First of all I need a black room……somewhere! And yes…I brought my wine to my lips in a salute to the gorgeous light fixture:) Looking forward to next week!

  16. Ohhhhhhh my goodness. You’re amazing. I concur with all the above. Cannot wait to see this next week.

  17. There are no words. This is the best room I’ve seen in like ever. It’s just stunning. I could go on and on….. I can not wait to see this room finished. so ballsy going black but what a payoff!

  18. I can’t believe how much you have done. This room looks nothing like the starting point. Bummer about the broken piece. It will be stunning.

  19. Girl. You are killing it.

  20. Oh. Em. Geeeeeeeeee. Cannot wait for the reveal love bug. You are killing it!

  21. I am not even going to lie, I have a MAJOR case of lighting envy right now! It looks awesome even with out furnishings, so I know this is going to be GREAT!!!

  22. You have blown me away already. That light fixture is INSANE. I must have black walls

  23. Lord chile, the room is empty but it is everything in its all black splendor. Hella genius, iconic, timeless….I don’t even wanna see it done. Screw customer service people and just stick a fork in it. The room is complete in my eyes. It is seriously delicious. Now about those overalls…….

  24. Ok, coming here wants me to start over…..the woodwork….OMG. And that lighting. CAN NOT WAIT for the reveal. It’s going to be incredible.

  25. It looks spectacular and I am paying homage to that magnificent light and medallion! It’s all perfection. Good luck this week! Xo Nancy

  26. This room is absolutely GORGEOUS and in such a short time! I am so impatient to see the reveal next week!

  27. Oh there are just no words. All I kept saying (out loud I might add) was OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. EVERY FREAKING PICTURE. It’s spectacular seriously – you are incredible!


  28. Insanely fierce.
    Totally Gorgeous.
    You are talented beyond words.
    Cant wait for the reveal!

  29. Me. Want. Everything. It’s incredible!! I can’t wait to see the finished bookcases styled up!!

  30. Absolutely stunning through and through. I would love to know where you found the burl side table? It’s beautiful.

  31. Nicole Tiberia says:

    The chandelier is amazing! Where did you find it? You promised a source list I am eagerly awaiting 🙂


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