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Hello friends!

Have you missed me? I’ve missed you. Can we all pretend it hasn’t been 4 months since I’ve last blogged and just pick back up where we left off?

Think of me as that amazing guy who swept you off of your feet, took you to the nicest restaurants, invited you to his best friends birthday party where you met all of his pals and thought you were all boyfriend/girlfriend style, then completely drops off the face of the planet leaving you devastated comforting yourself with FroYo and Pinot Noir only for him to send you a text 4 months later saying “I miss u” and even though you want to tell him you are engaged to the man of your dreams and forgot about his lame ass, you aren’t, and you didn’t, and you are probably buzzed watching RHONY so instead you text him back “I miss u 2”. Then you get together for sushi to catch up and he’s all “I’m so sorry I flaked, but after my ex hurt me I was really scared to like someone as much as I like you. Plus work was just so stressful and I just needed some time to myself to figure out what I really wanted.” And you tell him you totally understand and you get back together and you have to tell your friends about all the nice things he’s doing to prove how much he loves you so they don’t shame you for taking him back.

Yea, I’m that guy…

Sorry about that.

Anyway, thank you for taking me back. I’ve been up to all kinds of exciting adventures that I can’t wait to share pretty pictures of soon, but in the meantime follow me on The ‘gram to get some sneaky peeks.

So far in 2015 I have most notably 1. Painted my bedroom green 2. Bought a black and white Jeep 3. Taken the best trip of my life. 4. Gained 5 lbs. The only event I care to discuss at this time is #3.

Last month I took a trip to Palm Springs and stayed at the iconic Viceroy Hotel. The Viceroy Palms Springs designed by the one and only Kelly Wearstler. The Viceroy she designed and shot the cover of her first book Modern Glamour.Modern GlamourYup, I was all up in there.

Coincidentally, the week I checked in was the week the name changed from “The Viceroy” to “The Avalon” due to ownership changes, but it’s still the same exact KWcentric dreamland.  Pulling up you are greeted by valet attendants wearing chic black and white stripe t-shirts and then enter through discrete gates in the signature yellow lacquer.
1Chilled Prosecco is waiting for you to check in next to the iconic yellow and white tile mosaic wall.check inYou breeze past cafe Citron on your way to the pool.54There are three different pools to select from, each glamier than the last.  Of course, I had to sample all three.

I lounged on that chaise…home-rotator-2I sipped a cocktail in that cabana…home-rotator-1made out sunbathed on that daybed…avalon_spa_1_rThe grounds are absolutely picture perfect and just as pretty in person as they are in the images, but my favorite part of the resort was the room. I was totally spoiled and got to stay in a Weatherly Suite.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it was the most fabulous place I have ever stayed. This is same exact room I was lucky enough to call home for a few days…Wetherly-RI slept in that bed! I did my hair at that vanity! I drank coffee on that balcony!

In addition to the bedroom and bathroom, the suite has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and three balconies.
Palm-Springs-Wetherly-Suites-03Palm-Springs-Wetherly-Suites-05Palm-Springs-Wetherly-Suites-04I made Titos and cranberries in this exact kitchen! Palm-Springs-Wetherly-Suites-06I unsuccessfully tried to pick an orange from this exact tree!
The view from this balcony overlooks some of the villas, which looked quite charming as well…home-rotator-3b2I have lusted after this property for what seems like an eternity, and even designed my balcony to give off a similar vibe.  Without a doubt, the experience exceeded my expectations, which is hard to do.  I was so sad to leave, but took amazing memories and loads of design inspiration with at viceroy_Fotor


  1. Wow, that looks just Amayyy-zing!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us!!

  2. Ahahahaha!! I loved that intro way more than I should have. Hell yeah it’s good to have you back! That hotel looks fucking AMAZEBALLS. Wow. So jealous!! So gorgeous!!! Totally living vicariously through this post. xxx

  3. I went to the Viceroy in Anguilla. Un-Fuc-kin-believable. The amount of amazing was too much for me.

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