A Kohler Experience

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working on all kinds of exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ve already designed about a dozen bathrooms this year, and always work with my friend Erin at Crescent Plumbing Supply when selecting my plumbing fixtures. We have so much fun together and she understands my strong desire to incorporate brass and gold, even though I’m pretty much the only designer in St. Louis requesting it.

Heres a lil’ sneaky peek of one of the several baths I’ve designed with Erin using the classic Kohler’s Purist fixtures and sconces in Brushed Gold (duh!)…

k54A few weeks ago she called me out of the blue and asked if I would like to join her as a guest at the Five Star Golf Resort Club The American Club owned by Kohler. I had no clue that Kohler owns golf resorts, but they do.  And they aren’t crusty, old, boring ones either. The American Club is home to the Whistling Straights golf course, which just so happens to be hosting the 2015 PGA tournament this year. Um, thats nice.

I’m not a golfer, but I am a resorter, so I was like “Duh, I’m there!” and off we went. As soon as I got to the airport and met the group traveling, we knew it was quickly turning into a girl’s getaway. Here is the party crowd: Angie, Crescent’s outside sales rep (who is 7 months pregnant, although you can barely tell!), my girl Erin, our chauffeur (forgot his name, let’s just call him Frank), yours truly, and Julie, a designer with Mosby Building Arts and one of Angie’s clients. Solid crew.

k1As soon as we arrived at The American Club, we were in business. Hotels that greet their guests with champagne and chocolate are always winners in my book, but the real kicker was the legit key as a room key. Am I the only person who hates those electronic keys?!
k2The American Club is covered in brick with wood paneling, fireplaces and yummy leather Chesterfield sofas everywhere. I was just waiting to run into Ron Burgundy reading a leather bound book. k46k10k9There is even an on site ice cream parlour. Heaven!k11And since it is a Five Star golf resort the place was literally crawling with golfers, and golfers require caddys, and said caddys were wearing the most amazing old school golf outfits that I’m obsessed with. Like, obsessed. I took advantage of every opportunity to harass say hi to them.k15I learned that Kohler literally owns the entire town that the Club is in and it’s name is, Kohler! It’s basically a quaint all-inclusive village where one could find everything they need to live a luxe life without leaving. It’s a like a little Kohler cult and I want to be a member. We went to explore the Shops at the Woodlake which is home to an Ann Sacks showroom (which is an affiliate of, you guessed, it Kohler!). I freaking LOVE Ann Sacks and haven’t been to showroom since I visited The Merchandise Mart

I immediately made myself at home, per usual.
k4Feeling this polished nickel.k43I always have a thing for patterned floors.k44I am dying to use some of Ann Sack’s delicious tiles. So many beautiful colors and patterns.k42Of course my fave is simple black marble parquet.This tile is so smooth and soft it feels like buttahhhhhhh. Omgah.  I’d install as a shower surround with ultra modern brushed brass fixtures.k41After making out with all that marble, I needed a refresher so we headed to the Craverie Chocolatier. So cute.
k12k6k7Fresh off our sugar highs we retired back to our individual suites to rest up.  I was feeling my bamboo bed.
k14The best part of the suit was the tricked out Kohler bathroom. I had a personal steam shower and a fancy person jet tub that featured a light show and a ceiling mount water filler that, for whatever reason, I found to be too challenging to capture in one picture. But, you get the idea.k16After freshening up, we were guests of a cocktail party hosted in the Kohler Design Center.   This commode wall installation was quite the dramatic focal point.k39There are dozens of kitchen and bath vignettes throughout the massive center, but I only had eyes for the Jonathan Adler designed space.  I literally darted over as soon as my eyeballs spied it.  Yea, I was all up in that. even though Erin wasn’t quite as impressed. 
I was admiring the Meurice chandelier, as I had just installed the larger version over a kitchen table (stay tuned). But I was reaaalllllly excited about those cornices.  So good, right?k18And I’m super duper feelin’ this delicate panel mouldings and modern vanity combo.  Erin taught me is just Kohler sink and Pursit faucet installed on a metal base.
k19Somewhere, someway I Must. Make Happen.

I wanted to stay in there all evening, but there was so much more to take in.  Like this lovely French situation.k20A vintage inspired set up. k36This amazing trellised room that I ADORE. I was so inspired by this skirted freestanding tub, although I know it looks too fussy for most people.  I’m now determined to make skirted tubs a thing. In a super sexy, modern way. Trust me folks, it’s happening.  You heard it here first.
k21Love a bathroom chandy.
k23We wandered down to the basement which is home to a Kohler museum.  To my complete amazement we detected this lavender bath on display….. Look familiar?k40That might not be very exciting to you people, but a well kept secret is that even though the majority of my own apartment is strictly black and white, my bathroom is a scary lovely shade of lavender. k55I kind of appreciate it now that I know how historically important it is. 😉

There were SO MANY things to see and touch at the design center and I wish I took more photos, but at this point I was starting to get distracted by the macaroons at the dessert table.  Before I left I did manage to take a photo of this gorgeous apron front sink that I have to install one day.k38We then headed back to The American Club where I was excited to spend time at the historic Horse and Plow bar. Like, real reeeeeal excited. k22

Thank God Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that experience, but I did capture the nicest note I’ve ever received in life, let alone from turndown service that night.  Clearly, I was in love and wrote her back. k29 The next morning we got a private tour of the Kohler foundry where we got a first hand look at Kohler magic being made. I always have mad respect for any company that puts safety first.k24There was so much to take in, so much to see, but as soon as I saw this happening, I knew it was about to go down…. Do you people know what this is?!?!k25BRASS FLECKS!

OMG. I literally wanted to roll around and soak up all of those beautiful golden flecks and walk around like a big bottle of Goldschlager.  I somehow I restrained myself, but I did drool over all of those babies.  I kept asking everyone if I could have a brass faucet to take home as a departing gift.  They just ignored me, but I have a feeling one will show up in my mailbox any day now. Just sayin…k27In all of my brass excitement I managed to spill an entire cup of scalding hot coffee all over myself and my white shirt, right in the middle of the foundry.  Luckily the nice people of Kohler gifted me with my first ever official golf shirt to change into.k56Good thing, because that afternoon was filled with ACTIVITIES!!!!

Activities like…skeet shooting, and GOLFING!
37Our golfing consisted mainly of cute photo ops like this…k37And extra good ones like this…k48And for those of us non- prego, non-golfers, ops like this but, I’m not naming any names………..Julie.k47But my favorite activity was at the Kohler Water Spa, where I received the most incredible massage.  You can see that even in a wine-fueled relaxation room, I still manage to Instagram. I guess relaxing is just not my strong point.  Still, it was heaven.k31That night Kohler hosted another fun cocktail party in the Club. On my way, I spotted the most beautiful Venetian mirror of all time. That baby was huge. HUGE.k28Obviously, a selfie was in order. k32And yes, you are noticing a segway in the background.  Open bar + Segways = Fun for all. The evening may or may not have resulted in me hosting a pushup competition, but I can not reveal any further details.

On our last day Kohler provided us gals a rental car so we could hit the streets of Milwaukee.  We visited the St. Paul Fish Market,k52Went shopping for pregnant lady fashion, k50Toured the Miller Brewery in Miller Valley, k33and I met a really nice bear. k53

I miss him. And I miss The American Club. And I miss Kohler. It truly was SO MUCH FUN.

Thank you so much to Kohler for hosting us crazy ladies, and for Crescent Plumbing Supply for always being amazing to work with. Love you and can’t wait to design more kitchen and baths together! I’m especially feeling this inspiration for our next project….

ii1i2i5i3Get ready to party.

If you are interested in being the next client to take part in our schneegans, please contact me

-> jessie@jessiedmiller.com



  1. LOVE your style. That bathroom you just posted – the grey/gold is my favorite combination so pray tell where you got the sconces and the cabinet hardware?? I know the faucet and have used it before…thanks so much and keep the photos coming!

  2. Great pics … especially the ones with your fit bod in them!

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