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You know something exciting is happening when your phone starts blowing up with friends sending you screenshots that look like this…

e-mailUmmmmm, that’s my mug in the inbox of all their subscribers.

No big deal.


I am so proud to announce that I have teamed up with global retailer Joss and Main to host my very own curators sale!

C’est moi!

24338__HR_1200x900I was contacted to create a “Look for Less” collection that would reflect the vibe of my iconic black bedroom transformation and I couldn’t be more flattered.

For those of you weirdos who aren’t familiar with this project, you can learn all about it HERE. Or, if you are like myself and prefer looking at pictures to reading, here is a brief overview.

Before JD Mills… (Sads)
Fueller Before 6After JD Mills…ORC_lowres-5Before JD Mills… (Super Sads)Fueller Before 4After JD Mills…ORC_lowres-34Yea, it was a pretty serious situatuion.

When beginning to work on my collection with the wonderful team at Joss & Main, they asked me tons of questions about my design. Here is just a sample…

You sent us pictures from your work in a Crestwood, MO villa. How would you describe the style of this project? What was your inspiration?

A masculine study with touches of feminine glamour was the inspiration behind this Crestwood, MO villa master suite. Traditional design principles juxtaposed with modern elements, a moody color palette and provocative artwork were combined to create a sexy retreat for a sophisticated, single businesswoman.

Tell me about the ways you layered in different textures.

I gravitate towards patterns created with texture versus color.  Subtle dimension is created by layering a snuggly faux fur blanket over a tufted leather loveseat, resting a gilt mirror upon a cool marble fireplace mantle, and placing a heavy brass and marble lamp on top of a rich burl wood side table. The carefully combined surfaces create a sense of luxury that has been collected over time.  

I love the photographs you featured—tell me a bit about your choice to incorporate them. Tell me a bit about the contemporary painting as well.

I am drawn to all styles of figurative art, anything from Victorian era portraits to sexy photography. For visual interest, I wanted edgy images to add contrast against the traditional backdrop. I have been a fan of Los Angeles photographer Stephanie Vovas and New York painter/photographer/blogger Nicole Cohen for quite some time. Vovas takes credit for the Gillian image of a blonde bombshell and Cohen for the graphic Adidas.  The graffiti covered cover girl above the mantle is from an unknown artist in London that goes under the name “Pure Evil” and is rumored to work under Banksy.  I have always and will always have a deep affection for black and white abstracts.  I always visualized having one as the focal point within the custom bookcases. With Franz Klein as my only inspirational reference, I commissioned local St. Louis artist Ted Collier to create a large square painting. He has a truly unique point of view that turned out even better than I could have imagined. It was so successful Collier painted an entire series based on the piece he made for my design, which sold out almost immediately. I am very proud of it. 

What is your favorite part about decorating a client’s home?

I live for a dramatic Before | After. When meeting with a new client they are often self conscious of the current state their home is in, but I reassure them that it’s one of the few cases I think the worse it looks – the better! It gives me the opportunity to create a true design transformation. I do the best work best with clients who have an open mind and give me the freedom to really go for it. Of course a liberal budget never hurts either, ha!

What’s your number one tip for someone trying to decorate their own space?

 Most people aren’t able to go out and buy an entire house full of furniture, art, and accessories at once, so they will acquire pieces over time.  Often time people will purchase elements they love on their own, but might not all work together to create a cohesive space feeling accidental and unconsidered. I am by no means advocating a “matchy matchy” approach, as furniture sets are my worst nightmare. Just having a clear vision on what the end result goal before starting to decorate will ultimately save you from costly mistakes.

The collection we curated is a wonderful reflection of my personal aesthetic. I have already ordered some items myself, and if you know what’s good for you – you will too!  These are a few of my top picks…

Jessie D. Miller Joss and Main Curators Sale

Obelisk Set | Gold Canopy Bed | Cheetah Throw | Louis Side Chair Sputnik Flushmount | Oriental Rug | Bust (Already own!) | Black and White Abstract | Brass Lamp | Gilt Mirror | Chest | Faux Fur Stool | White Roses (My fav!) |  Marble Bookends | Sunburst Mirror (Just ordered!) | Zebra Rug

 Check out the collection in it’s entirety HERE, and hurry, Hurry, HURRY! Some items are already sold out and on November 24th it’s ovah foevah.

(Super Duber Sads)

So get to gettin and put a little JD in yo life. You know you want to.


  1. I’d do the before/after side by side in one image and post that to Instagram, etc.

    BTW, I’m an abstract oil painter and think it would be fun to do a collaboration with you.

  2. BEYOND AMAZING! I want that bed!!!!

  3. Marie Huang says:

    This is beyond stunning. I am absolutely in love with the black walls and built ins! Such a gorgeous job.

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design

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