Hiring Summer Interns

Things are out of control over here at JDM Design, in the best possible way of course. I am ecstatic, inspired, and a little overwhelmed, to start three new luxury projects this summer; an enormous new construction custom home that I will be working on for about 2 years, a large scale historic renovation that will take anywhere from 6-9 month, and a mid-size remodel that I hope to wrap up by fall. The clientele and design aesthetics are completely different for all three projects, which keeps things fun and interesting, but also quite challenging. This is on top of wrapping up two large new construction custom homes, and tying up loose ends on several smaller decorating projects. I also have several photoshoots scheduled of completed projects to submit for publication, random styling gigs, and (God and financially willing) I’ll eventually finish decorating my own apartment. I might as well just coin the hashtag #summer16sweatshop for the next few months because this gal is gon’ be jobbin.

So….I’m on the hunt for some good help. Not just “Hey, if you need something let me know!” kinda help, but legit go gettin’, thirsty, workhorse kinda help. Thanks right folks, JD Mills is on the search for a Few Good Interns….


Unfortunately, this opportunity will be nothing like the the ones Sonja Morgan gives to organize her shoe closet (although it would be fab if someone was up for that).  We go hard here at JDM Design. Having your own Interior Design Business equals about 20% design, 40% paperwork, and 40% bitch work. And take one guess what I need the most help with.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

So what exactly will you be doing? Running errands. Lots and lots of errands. Picking up samples, most of which are heavy and cumbersome, bringing them to the studio, jobsites, clients homes, and bringing them back to the vendors. You will help coordinate deliveries, installations, and vendor visits. You will help style, which sounds like fun (and it kinda is), but mainly consists of loading and unloading boxes and boxes of objects in and out of vehicles, unwrapping everything, removing price tags (Hope you love the smell of Goo Gone!), setting up ladders, rearranging objects for hours at a time until I decide I like the way they look, then packing up everything I decided I hated. Sometimes you have to muscle up and move furniture and hang pictures. You will take notes in client meeting. You will make lists. Lots and lots of To-Do lists. And you will be forward thinking enough to anticipate what it takes to cross those items off the list. You will spend time sifting through thousands of fabric and wallpaper samples and texting me pictures of suitable options based on what I told you I’m looking for.  After about 34 options I might see one I kinda like, only for it to inspire me to move into a different direction. You will take measurements and “Before” pictures.  Make runs to Target/Home Depot/HomeGoods/Antique Mall/Flower Market. You will be just as comfortable in a client’s highrise office as you are on a muddy jobsites. You will spend a LOT of time sourcing products online or in a catalog at the Design Center, then pricing them, confirming availability, shipping costs, etc. Downloading, saving, and organizing images to my desktop. Printing out images and preparing for client design presentations. You will organize hundreds of receipts, enter data into Excel spreadsheets, organize samples, and super fun things like emptying the trash, the occasional coffee run and dog walk.  You will also provide feedback on my ever changing hairstyles and listen to the gory details of my insane single life.

I do not take myself seriously, but I take my business very seriously.  This job is a LOT of work. It is also a LOT of fun. I am incredibly lucky right now to have amazing, fun, open minded clients that I genuinely love spending time with. And I’m not just saying that because they will probably read this.  I’ve dealt with a lot of assoles in the past, and I’m in a really good zone right now.  So grateful!  The projects I am taking on will be extremely creatively fulfilling and my only option is to work with individuals who want to take them to the next level.  You will gain invaluable experience and, if you prove yourself, will have fantastic referrals in a variety of areas in the design field.

This is an unpaid Internship with the hope of transitioning into a paid JDM Design Assistant position. JDM Design will work closely with the selected Interns advisors to provide academic credit for their work.

The deets….

When: June 2016- September 2016 (or sooner if your schedule allows!)

Where: JDM studio in the Central West End area of St. Louis, MO

Schedule: 2-3 days a week, up to 5 hours/day (with flexibility)

Must Haves for the Ideal JDM Design Intern:

  • Reside in St. Louis, MO, own a reliable vehicle and cell phone. Sounds obvious, but you you would be surprised…
  • Skilled at using a MAC computer and MS Office (Excel, Word, and Powerpoint).
  • A sincere interest in the business of Interior Design. Loving to shop and stare at Pinterest is great, but not enough of a qualification.
  • Experience in taking detailed and reliable field measurements and completing digital scaled floor plans. Simple software like Icovia is sufficient. (CAD is even better.) Please include example.
  • Eloquent communication skills for phone and e-mail correspondence. You will be communicating with clients, vendors, and contractors and I can’t have someone embarrassing me.
  • BE ORGANIZED. Creatives are stereotypically completely disorganized, myself included. Luckily, I have found an organizational angel in the form of an Office Manager named Nicole to get my ass on the straight and narrow path to success and we need more of her kind.
  • Dog friendly!

Bonus Points for the Ideal JDM Design Intern:

  • Use of their own MAC laptop.
  • Skilled at using Photoshop.
  • Experience creating digital moodboards. SUPER DUPER bonus points for experience creating renderings using SketchUP or similar programs.
  • Knowledge of WordPress and/or Squarespace. My poor website has been long forgotten and this here blog has been sadly neglected. I’d love to get some help updating my online presence.
  • Experience on photo shoots.
  • Experience on construction sites working with carpenters/electricians/plumbers/painters.
  • Experience working with Architects and reading architectural plans.
  • Experience working with seamstresses/upholsterers/framers/antiques dealers.

Please e-mail resumes to jessie@jessiedmiller.com. Aesthetics are important here, kids. Please include anything relevant to design, style, residential construction/renovation. List any relevant skills. Attach any moodboards or images of your work. Include your Instagram handle so I can cyber stalk you. And if you aren’t already following @designdaredevil do yourself a favor, get on it and start double tapping.

I’m looking forward to adding a few stars to to my squad. Could it be you?


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