Earlier this year I traveled to Dallas to work on a design project and attend the Dallas Home Market.

The market wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I had a great time exploring showrooms with my Yin-Yang twin Ashlina and lots of other creative, go-getting women.

AshlinaI was lucky enough to connect with sisters and mega babes Ashley Dellavalle Jung and Paige Dellavalle Walker, the founders of the chic jewelry line Stella Valle.

STella Valle 3Not only are they friendly, fun, and fierce – they are bad ass entrepreneuress’.  They started their careers by serving our country with experience as West Point cadets and U.S. Army Officers. Never losing their passion for fashion, they next pursued a jewelry line that focuses on empowering women to never lose focus of their goals.

STella Valle

Their business sense was strong enough to land them a spot on AMC’s hit show Shark Tank and they WON! The victory secured them an investment and partnership with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. They line has since gained a cult following and a line at Target.


Slay girls, slay.

Their next pursuit was to create another jewelry line that embraced their military background and WOMEN WARRIORS was born.

WWSV text

I’m so obsessed.

I want one of the entire collection.


Some of my personal favs are the STRENGTH necklace.

StrengthAnd the SOAR necklace. (I just had to bring one back to my Annie, obvi.)

SoarI just love, Love, LOVE them and their brand. When they invited me to do a guest post on the Stella Valle blog, I was like, obviously.  Duh. I’m in.

They asked me to give some pointers on creating the ultimate WOMEN WARRIORS Workspace. Something I’ve been working on finally accomplishing for myself. Jessie Desk(My work-in-progress desk situation…STAY TUNED!)

Go see my picks HERE and take a peek at all the bad ass Stella Valle swag.

I mean, they are just so next level.blog_images_15Thanks for having  me ladies!

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