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it isn’t all gold medallion necklaces and skinny moustaches…

{Design Crush} Ryan Korban

It’s only appropriate that on the day of love we enjoy a lil Design Crush, no? One of my juiciest crushes is on the amaze Mister Ryan Korban.  Ugh! I’m  so obsessed.  As much as I idolize Ms. KW and Ms. MM, Mr. RK is just about at the tippy top of my favs. He […]

{Design Crush} Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Million Dollar Decorators combines two of my all time favorite things: Bravo TV and Luxury Interior Design.    One of the many highlights of the show is watching the over-the-top and uber fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Mmmmmmmm…..decorating is delicious………. Last week gave a behind-the-scenes peek of him re-decorating his own home that was featured in last […]

{Design Crush} Angie Hranowsky

I came across drop dead gorgeous, vintage eclectic interiors while pinning in support of my homegirl Erika to win the HomeMint contributing editor contest.  Each of the images she selected inspired me in some way, but this bad boy got my heart racing.  Oh. Em. Gee.I am absolutely dying for the over sized, vintage James Bond print.  Fit for a […]

{Design Crush} Brian Patrick Flynn

I’ve been a bad, bad bloggie girl lately.  Due to work deadlines and a brutal breakup, my creative energy had been zapped.  My posts have been kinda lame and, as much as us bloggers love to post those desperate-for-attention, look at my outfit while I  take a picture of myself in the mirror with my […]

{Design Crush} Michael Boyd

Okay……..don’t judge, but last night I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta (Yes, I can see you all rolling your eyes at me, and I don’t care. I LOVE all things Andy Cohen and Bravo TV related. Leave me alone and let me live my life.) and COULD NOT WAIT to see the new, crazy-ass […]

{Design Crush} Thomas Britt

I have been straight up kitchen stressin latley.  It seems like every single one of my clients is having a difficult time committing to selections for this oh-so-expensive renovation   Being the Design Daredevil that I am, I constantly push my clients to step outside of their comfort zone.  While researching brightly colored kitchen cabinetry I came across this insanely chic […]