On The Run

Following Jay Z & Beyonce’s first tour.

BIRTHDAY Fantasies

I’m turning one year older, let me just pretend it’s fabulous.


The Design Daredevil loves James Bond.  Not so much the modern day variety so, but retro glam James Bond.  Check out these behind the scenes photos taken on various James Bond sets by Photographer Terry O’Neill. Sean Connery behind the lens, Diamonds are Forever, Las Vegas, 1971.Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore, Miami 1964. Roger Moore […]

birthday wish list

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m not too excited about it.  This year week has been mad stressful and I kind of forgot about it.  How lame is that?  Quick! I need to make some exciting plans!  But more importantly, if anyone needs to purchase me a last minuet gift, here are my recommendations….

York House

As mush as I daydream about living in Manhattan or other large cities, my hometown, Saint Louis, still offers endless hidden gems that keep me inspired. My latest obsession is York House.  A $12 million dollar historic renovation located in the Central West End that is so much more than just 33 fabulous individual residential apartments; but an entire building […]

{Fantasy World} Have a FIERCE Thanksgiving!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gents! Today me and one of my BEST friends in the whole world will be celebrating with my family. We have to have the fiercest Thanksgiving possible, so obviously we will be sporting headdresses.  Homemade headdresses nonetheless.  We hope to be as ferocious these divas….wish us luck! [All images via Pintrest] I […]

{Fantasy World} The Bond Girl of Design

So I often fantasize about being this amazing Bond Girl of the Design world…..this is where the Alter Ego “The Design Daredevil” came from.   I would magically transform spaces into the most amazing of places…all while working on a tiny budget and inconvenient circumstances.  All the while I would also rock teased hair, cat eyes, and go go […]

{Fantasy World} The Wineries….they are calling me….

Oh how I love going to the Missouri wineries this time of year….  Some of my all time favorite memories involve long tables like this one filled with my friends at one of the many spectacular vineyards in Herman or Augusta.  I especially remember (well, kinda remember) one particularly awesome Labor Day weekend trip we took years ago.  It involved 15 people shoved into […]