Faceted Vase

The LOOK for LESS…

Meet My Pet Leopard

This is my new pet leopard.  I got her over the weekend.

Vintage Mastercraft Furniture on my Mind…..like, a lot…..

Last month I roamed around the Palm Springs desert on a top-secret design mission. It was an amazing adventure where, in addition to learning hair extensions get matted in arid climates, I gained A LOT of knowledge on Mid-Century Modern home furnishings.  That place is packed with breathtaking, treasure filled Vintage home furnishing galleries.  Some […]

Downtown Intersection Chandelier

  Downtown’s Intersection Chandelier  is off the chain.  Like, for reals ya’ll.  It’s fresh and graphic and super duper interesting. I’m so into the contrast with the black wallpaper, and I adore the pirate ship painting and the ridiculous dining room chairs. And I love, Love, LOVE parquet floors. The low hung installation in Ivanka Trumps […]

cheap lighting that isn’t ugly

 #operationbachelorpad is coming along slowly but surely.  Time to get it wrapped up.  Three of these babies were ordered to go over the kitchen island. I love them, but I’m not loving Lamps Plus, where they came from.  Two out of the three have been delivered shattered, TWICE.  Bachelor is over it, and I don’t […]

Ibex Head Coffee Table

I want one. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t freaking love an Ibex head coffee table?  If you don’t, stop reading my blog and never come back. Just kidding! But, let me try to change your mind with these inspiring images. Obviously, I have to have one.  Lucky for me, my friend, Mr. Craig […]

Malachite: I Like it….a Lot.

It’s the first day of March and I’m already thinking green.  No not money (I wish), but Malachite! I love the pattern and color; and it’s a symbol of life, nature, balance, growth, fertility, and change.  Those are all good things, right? So why not wrangle up all of that positive energy into a chic and aesthetically […]

{House Jewelry} Foo Dogs for your Home

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  To celebrate, I will finally write down my resolutions!  Better late than never, right?  I know its the year of the dragon, but I’m loving me some Foo Dogs! Legend says that these pups are the sacred Asian dogs who guard Buddhist temples, so it makes total sense why I love these […]