That is one sexy skirt…

Great Gatsby inspired Hotel Suite at The Plaza Hotel

Show of hands, who’s excited to see The Great Gatsby? Oh, you all are? Yea, that’s what I thought. Before the boyfriend left for Afghanistan, he made me promise to wait until he’s back so we can watch it for the first time together.  I’m stayin prayed up that it’s still in theaters when he’s […]

Vintage Mastercraft Furniture on my Mind…, a lot…..

Last month I roamed around the Palm Springs desert on a top-secret design mission. It was an amazing adventure where, in addition to learning hair extensions get matted in arid climates, I gained A LOT of knowledge on Mid-Century Modern home furnishings.  That place is packed with breathtaking, treasure filled Vintage home furnishing galleries.  Some […]

Pre-War meets Mid-Century

All I want to think about is living in a Pre-War apartment. I constantly daydream about looking up at high ceilings with ornate, plaster mouldings, walking over parquet floors, and entertaining in front of a fabulously intricate fireplace.

{Interior Design Inspiration} Ju Ju Hats

JD Mills loves to add some texture to a space.  Like, a lot.  I’ve been known to say the “texture” about once every 6 seconds during a LIVE design segment.  It’s super annoying, yet I still can’t seem to restrain myself from saying it. If you are like me and likes some …texture… in your […]

Pirate Ships

It started with Nanette Lepore‘s Jonathan Adler designed New York West Village Victorian townhouse.  It caused a sensation in Elle Decor back in 2008 and is still a inspiration for me today.  I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Eva Peron portrait, Victorian marble mantle, Napoleon bust, green leather Chesterfield? I mean……………..come on.  It’s too effing good to describe.Then in […]

{Interior Design Inspiration} Pagoda Style for Your Pad

Chinoiserie style decor is making a huge, Huge, HUGE statement in interior design as of late.  I loves me some gawdy Chinese inspiration and all, but sometimes, it’s a little…….formal.  Especially when none of of my clients live in  European mansions. Damn it. But I do like whimsical touches, and I love conversation starting pieces, so I’ve […]

{Interior Design Inspiration} High Five

I’ve been hand statue stressin lately.  This Thursday I will share some details while guest posting on Irene’s blog.  But all you need to know now is that I wanted a hand statue, and now I have one.  Now what do I do with it? Not sure, but this picture is giving me some good […]

Nice Bust

I am obsessed with BUSTS! No, not the silicone variety.  I’m thinking plaster, marble, or even bronze.  I’ll take any kind I can get…..male or female, Greek or Roman mythological characters, composers, and historical figures.  The first one I ever bought was a tiny Napoleon that I saw on the clearance shelf at HomeGoods.  He came home […]