{My TV Special} The Great Design Rescue

Tomorrow night, Thursday June 7, I have my very first, very own, prime time, design special.  Crazy huh?  It airs at 7:30 pm on KMOV news Channel 4.  The fabulous folks at Great Day Saint Louis asked me to participate as the “Design Expert” after I shot my live segment on DIY wall art.  Thanks for […]

Weekly Wrap Up: The “Best Adventure of my Life” Edition…..

I just got back from the most exciting adventure of my life, and I can’t tell you anything about it. Yet. I know, I know.  I’m such a tease.  Better than being a slut…..I guess…. In the mean time, I’ll give you a few clues. Notice anyone familiar? Any guesses what I’ve been up to? […]

{The Tuesday Tip Off} Framed Feather Art on LIVE TV!

Yesterday I had my second LIVE television demonstration. This time I was on Show Me Saint Louis with Julie Tristan.  I was intending on demonstrating how to make a framed feather collage, like I did for the salon I renovated.  I was expecting an easel to prop something up on, so I mounted a few frames to a painted piece […]

My Television Debut: Great Day Saint Louis

Yesterday I made my television debut on Great Day St. Louis, which is a local news show that airs live. Eek!  Things I learned from my first live TV appearance: 1. For the love of God, style your hair in a fashion that doesn’t look crazy.  Next time I film I will sport a sleek […]

Belle of the Ball

I know I sound l’m bragging, but it’s the truth, I have the coolest friends ever.  My amazing gal pal, Amy Palmer, (that’s her in the ad above) started an interactive entertainment business coined Belle of the Ball. She provides unique and whimsical live entertainments for soirees all over town.  That woman has so many […]

Peacock Standoff

You might be familiar with my intense peacock adoration.  So much, that I have an unusual fantasy that if I’m ever a bride, my wedding gift from the groom will be a huge, albino, taxidermy peacock.   Really, I could write a lengthy post on that whole thought process, but I have to make it brief today. Yesterday […]

World Chess Hall of Fame

St. Louis is home to the World Chess Hall of Fame.  Who knew?  It’s located right in the middle of fun bars and restaurants in a historic home.  I always found it odd to walk by and see people sitting on a patio playing chess, instead of sipping wine. And seeing as I have never played […]

{Life of a Design Daredevil} Still in Florida…

I’m still in Florida visiting my best gal.  I hope everyone’s week is going well.  Just wanted to post a few pics I’ve taken so far from my phone camera.  Oh how I wish I was a legit blogger with an iphone an instagram.  I’m so low rent! Hope you still enjoy…. Cheers! XO~JD

{Life of a Design Daredevil} Come Fly with Me….

Nothing like a super last minuet trip to Florida to cheer a girl up.  Greetings from the Tampa International Airport where I’m waiting on one of my best gal pals to land so we can hit the sunny streets!  Have a great weekend lovers!  XO~JD [Images via my Pintrest]