My Pet Lion: Tippi Hedren & Melanie Griffith

Did you know that Tippi Hendren had a pet lion?  I didn’t.  But I’m impressed.  I guess when you’re an iconic, Alfred Hitchcock film starlet you can do whatever you want. Tippi’s passion for wildlife preservation inspired her to establish the animal sanctuary Shambala Preserve in 1972 and produce the epic film Roar in 1981, […]

Kate Spade inspired Boudoir

This bedroom, owned and designed by Kate and Andy Spade, stole my heart quite some some time ago. You can get inspired by many images of their fantastic New York city apartment HERE, but this room is still my favorite. My favorite elements are the powerful John Baldesarri print, the yellow headboard, and the grasscloth […]

Black and White Abstract Artwork

#1 How freaking ridic was Madonna yesterday?  I want her outfits.  I want her hair. I want her body. I want her swaggger. #2 For the past few months I have been craving Black and White abstract artwork like a fat kid craves cake.  Most of my art is of nature, portraits, or photography.  The […]

{Monday Morning Motivation} Serve it Up

Hopefully everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!  We took it to a whole new level with the feasting.  My Mom offered so many different tasty treats, each served on different types of beautiful  dishes. Since my mind is constantly getting distracted with something design related,  I got to thinking of decorating with serving items.  I like […]

{Monday Morning Motivation} The Confession Chair…Worth Sinning for…

[Via Ryan Korban] I haven’t been this excited about work in a while.  I think one of my clients is on board for adding some SICK dome shaped chairs to their Great Room!  This is the stuff I LIVE for folks.  Seriously.  I love encouraging the confidence to try something bold and be different.  Cookie cutter […]

{Monday Morning Motivation} Birds of a Feather…Come Hither…

I’ve been into feathers for a minuet now, however, I’m now craving something even MORE dramatic.  Maybe it was the popularity of fabulous feathered clutches, Maybe it was the Thanksgiving Headdresses,  or maybe I’m just following my usual habits of taking thinks to the extremes.  Whatever it was that caused it, now nothing can stop me from daydreaming of […]

{Monday Morning Motivation} Gold Bar in Soho

I can not stop obsessing over Gold Bar in Soho. The co-owner/designer Robert McKinley used ancient Roman Catacombs as his inspiration as the space has a cave-like feel. Its hard to make out in this photo, but the walls are entirely covered with gold skulls. How sick is that? KIHL Studios out of Arizona created […]

Nice Bust

I am obsessed with BUSTS! No, not the silicone variety.  I’m thinking plaster, marble, or even bronze.  I’ll take any kind I can get…..male or female, Greek or Roman mythological characters, composers, and historical figures.  The first one I ever bought was a tiny Napoleon that I saw on the clearance shelf at HomeGoods.  He came home […]

{Monday Morning Motivation} Interior Eye Candy in Honor of Halloween

Who needs to eat Halloween candy when you can feast your eyes on these delicious interiors?  Well…maybe we can look at these pics and still eat a little candy.  Anyway, in honor of my favorite day of the year, I want to showcase some of my favorite inspiration photos that are designed using Black and White, or Orange.  I LOVE these […]