New Year. New Goals. New Projects. Bring. It. On. First up….. #OperationBachelorPad. I’m sorry to admit, but I always hated <working with> straight men. They don’t appreciate vintage brass. They don’t understand the importance of throw pillows or serving trays.  And they definitely aren’t on board with turquoise foo dog statues. Lame. But I’m in need […]

lab 1500

   I’ve been having fun working on all kinds of different design projects.  One of my favs has been Lab 1500.  The concept is to create an intimate and creative meeting space for aspiring entrepreneurs to network and develop business ideas.  The location is one of my all time favorites, a 120 year old building […]

{My Design} Art Deco Feminine Boudoir

I have a new client whom I’ve never met.  Him and his girlfriend are super glam, jet setters who are never in town.  My point of contact is their assistant/contractor/friend/pain in my ass. For the time being, we are focusing on two of their guest bedrooms.  One will be more masculine and the other will […]

{My Design Skills} My Best Friend’s Baby Nursery

My best friend is getting close to having her first baby.  It seems like yesterday we were staying up till 4 am drunk dialing and jammin out to my ipod docking station. Now she will be up at 4 am nursing her firstborn.  I’m so happy for her and know she’s gonna be the best […]

English Living

Did anyone else watch coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebration a few weeks ago? I am fascinated by British monarchy.  I love tradition, tea, and tiaras.  I mean, what’s not to like? Plus, I give mad props to a chick who’s been holdin down the thrown for 60 years.  That’s a true HBIC. I […]

My Design Skills, Inspired by Cozamia

As soon as I saw the colorful and organic prints created by Nancy over at Cozamia, I was completely smitten. I love visiting her blog, its always filled with fabulous color and feel good images.  Recently she went on a trip to  Costa Rica and was inspired to produce this beautiful print…  The pattern is based on the Strelitzia […]