Zara I Basic Sandal, I want you. I want you bad.

I have never been to a Zara store, and I had never even heard of Zara until last year when I was in Las Vegas.  In the midst of poolside lounging, clubing, and gambling, my girlfriend and I ate at Serendipity overlooking the strip.  We had planned on hitting up Zara after we ate, as […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Christian Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

What better way to celebrate famed shoe maker, Christian Louboutin’s twentieth anniversary than a red themed dance party in shopping Mecca Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th Avenue Shoe Salon? Pretty swank, right?  This was no stuffy affair folks, the visual team at BG dazzled it’s guests with red velvet ropes, red guitars, and red neon. Good thing […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Black and White Table Toppin’

My best friend is getting married next weekend!  Her and her soon-to-be husband decided to get married on Christmas and she has literally planned the entire wedding on her own within the past few weeks.   She is a better woman than I am for enduring so much stress in the name of love.  Now […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Happy Holidays Lovies!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend lovies!  I hope you all get spoiled rotten! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! XO~JD [Image Via]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Holiday Decor in Red AND Pink!

Me and m’ ladies had the ambitious idea of going all out and wearing slutty sexy Santa outfits for one of our many holiday parties we have this weekend.  Fortunately Unfortunately, Party City was all picked over and the only Santa outfits left were pink, which I thought was lame.  We decided to just stick with slutty […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Ladies who Brunch

I have a deep, deep craving for a good-old-fashioned Sunday Funday with m’ ladies; which is just-an-all day long, hair-of-the-dog, version of Sunday Brunch. I always start with an omelet and a Grey Goose/Zing Zang mix Bloody Mary, then switch right into the cheap house Chardonnay. Host your own day-of-fun and invite your girls over while […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Cheers to giving Thanks!

Ya’ll know that the only thing I cook is microwave popcorn, so unfortunately I can’t offer any culinary tips for this week’s Thanksgiving Feast.  However, what I’m bringing to the table is far more delicious than any mashed potato recipe.  To show my thanks, I give to you my all time favorite cocktail….. Behold…..The Pumpkintini […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Ikat Tabletoppin’

I know this is a shocker, but I’m not the most traditional of gals.  So it should come as no surprise that instead of the usual turkey dinner, I grew up eating T-Bones hot off on the grill in celebration of Thanksgiving.  When it comes to planning a day-of-thanks table top, I’m not into the expected fall decor.  However, […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Birthday Party Bottle Poppin

Do you ever notice the excessive amount of birthdays that fall in November?  It might be in response to the fact that February falls 9 months before and the day of love (and love making), Valentine’s Day, is right in the middle of the month. Here are some style photos that I would use if I […]