The Black Jumpsuit

I want one.In fact, I pretty much want to look just like this. Except with crazy, blonde hair. And maybe substitute a cocktail for smartphone. But then again, I do love to Instagram. Might keep smartphone.

Zara I Basic Sandal, I want you. I want you bad.

I have never been to a Zara store, and I had never even heard of Zara until last year when I was in Las Vegas.  In the midst of poolside lounging, clubing, and gambling, my girlfriend and I ate at Serendipity overlooking the strip.  We had planned on hitting up Zara after we ate, as […]

St. Patrick’s Day, Nail It!

By now you probably know that I love, love, love funky manicures!  I was searching Pintrest for St. Pat’s Day themed nail designs and I came across the most amazing tutorial for gilded nails.  Can’t take any of the credit, just wanted to share!  I can’t wait to do this!  I think I will use […]

{Stylin’ n’ Profilin’} My Nails are Jammin’

Everyone knows I LOVE wearing my nails with unique colors and designs.  When my friend Colleen invested in a company that sells nail shields called Jamberrys, I couldn’t wait to try em out.  They are basically nail stickers that come in infinite designs……metallic, patterns, glitter, really anything you could imagine. You easily apply them on your own and they don’t chip […]

{Stylin’ n’ Profilin} The Fluoro Cambridge Satchel

The holidays are over, the decorations are down, and the New Year resolutions are already becoming a distant memory.  Here in Saint Louis the past few days have been of a frigged cluster of snow, ice, and traffic jams.  The only reason anyone wants to leave the house is to go on a liquor store or cold medicine run. The whole […]

{Stylin’ n’ Profilin’} NYE Outfit Stressin’

The big ball drop is this Saturday night, and I don’t know what to wear. I’m officially Outfit Stressin. I was gonna rock a long-sleeved-gold-sequin cocktail dress in attempts to channel one of my all time favorite looks:  Anne Hathaway at the 2011 Golden Globes. Obviously my life isn’t glamorous enough to require a full-length, […]

{Stylin’ n’ Profilin’} The Holiday Manicure

I have an addiction to getting my nails painted in ghetto unique colors and patterns. I’m not a tattoo girl, so this is my way of showing the world how edgy I am.   But really, I just like pretending to be Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj.   An actual JD Miller manicure, for your viewing […]