{The Great Design Rescue} Second Episode Reveal

Sup playas?  I hope my homegirls (and guys, if there are any) forgive my blog for becoming an infrequently-updated, self-promotion-platform for my television appearances and Instagram pics.  Sorry.  I’m effin busy and am in severe need of a life coach. But guess what?  Today I renewed my gym membership (Annual “Excuse to Dress like a […]

{The Great Design Rescue} Second Episode Promo

A week from today, Thursday 9/13, my second episode of The Great Design Rescue airs on KMOV (Saint Louis Channel 4) at 7:30 pm.  If you live in the Saint Louis area, please, please tune in. If you don’t live in the Saint Louis, move here by next Thursday and tune in. Thank you. Watch […]

Reveal and a Guest Post

Today was the big reveal for The Great Design Rescue and holyshititwasaclusterfuck.  After we wrapped, I darted out for a much needed margarita/tortilla chip binge, then headed back to the house to make sure the family hadn’t burned the design to the ground.  They had some time to absorb it all and………….they love it!  Wifey […]

Weekly Wrap Up

Clockwise: Cucumber water/Elisabeth Taylor print at a client’s/Johnathan Adler inspired makeover mania/Miss Sweet Potato/Fireworks/Filming at the Birdnest/Same outfit 5 days in a row Keep up with me on the regular on Twitter or Instagram @designdaredevil XO~JD

Weekly Wrap Up

Clockwise: Chinese lantern festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens/Clients pup not so sure about my paint choice/New Friends/Gummy worms on the road/VIP bracelets/Equestrian art at the Flea Market/Wine always wins/Kilm rug for the #Mancave Follow me on Instagram @DesignDaredevil XO~JD

{The Great Design Rescue} Johnathan Adler inspired Makeover

I am in the middle of shooting my second episode of The Great Design Rescue (If you missed the first episode you can watch it HERE, HERE, and HERE) and I could not be happier about the homeowners.  They are basically giving me complete freedom to do whatever I want….repurpose, rearrange, remove EVERYTHING in their […]