{My Design Skills} My Best Friend’s Baby Nursery

My best friend is getting close to having her first baby.  It seems like yesterday we were staying up till 4 am drunk dialing and jammin out to my ipod docking station. Now she will be up at 4 am nursing her firstborn.  I’m so happy for her and know she’s gonna be the best […]

{Girl Crush} Anna Dello Russo

I have liked this image, a fun loving gal in my beloved Balmain dress, for a while but I never thought about who this woman was or what she was doing.   Just thought about how I wanted to be kickin it in a short, sequin striped dress as well. Then I saw this image […]


It’s not even close to huntin season, but I’m on my own hunt.  I’ve been searching for as many antlers as I can get my paws on.  Callin up taxadermists, hunters, and interesting new friends from Craigslist.  I’m gathering them up, and what I do with em is gonna be goooooooooood.  Just wait.  And if […]

English Living

Did anyone else watch coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebration a few weeks ago? I am fascinated by British monarchy.  I love tradition, tea, and tiaras.  I mean, what’s not to like? Plus, I give mad props to a chick who’s been holdin down the thrown for 60 years.  That’s a true HBIC. I […]

{My TV Special} The Great Design Rescue

Tomorrow night, Thursday June 7, I have my very first, very own, prime time, design special.  Crazy huh?  It airs at 7:30 pm on KMOV news Channel 4.  The fabulous folks at Great Day Saint Louis asked me to participate as the “Design Expert” after I shot my live segment on DIY wall art.  Thanks for […]

Weekly Wrap Up

Clockwise [Brass lamps for a client/Filming while driving/Estate jewelry day dreamin/Antlers for a client/Fresh pina coladas/Neon pink nails with a floral dress/Lots of vintage brass finds/Paint Samples] XO~JD

It’s a Boy!

Nope, I’m not expecting. But my best friend is.  And she just found out it’s a boy! I’m so happy for her, she really wanted a boy. I asked her why she didn’t want a girl, and her reply was “JD, would you wanna raise one of us?” Good thinkin mama.  Good thinkin. I can’t […]

Season 7 Design Star Cast reveled…..My unprofessional opinion….

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with my unhealthy obsession with HGTV’s Design Star, but its kind of a problem.  I stalk research the contestants.  I watch each episode at least eight three times. To me, this is the Academy Awards, Super Bowl, and Olympics combined.  I have unrealistic expectations day dream about having my own show on […]

Back it up to Black and White

My ideal kitchen would be black and white.  My ideal home would be almost all black and white, including the kitchen.  Lately I’ve been daydreaming of solid white cabinets with black subway tile and white grout, but I am also digging these black/white tile options….check em out… [Via] [Via] [Via] [Via] [Via] As of late, my favorite […]