Kate Spade inspired Boudoir

This bedroom, owned and designed by Kate and Andy Spade, stole my heart quite some some time ago. You can get inspired by many images of their fantastic New York city apartment HERE, but this room is still my favorite. My favorite elements are the powerful John Baldesarri print, the yellow headboard, and the grasscloth […]

Sleep it Off

The weather has been rainy and gloomy and all I want to do is lounge around in bed. Well too bad, it’s Monday morning and I have to get after it.  But if I could go back to bed, as I’d like to, I am craving a cozy space with lots of luxe fabric and […]

Weekly Wrap Up

Clockwise: Live TV debut/I Work Out/ Baby Bath Time/ Feed Store Finds/ Neon Pink nails with a touch of Orange/ Art Supply Store/ Barn/ My Art I’m hoping that this week works out better than last week. Trying to stay focused. XO~JD

If the Shoe Fits

When I was a little girl, my foot feel through a grate outside of a shopping mall. I lost one of my jellies (remember those?). On my 29th birthday, my friends and I got kicked out of a college bar that we were way too old to be at anyway.  When darting out, I tripped, […]

Lovin’ the Marlin

Anyone watch last season of Design Star?  Remember the “Bed n’ Breakfast Challenge“ when they had to re-purpose items already in the rooms?  The winning space was adorable, but I was so dissapointed that no one used a ginormous, blue marlin that was hanging in one of the rooms.  It was the first thing my eye went to, […]

Weekly Wrap Up

Friends art at the Four Seasons/Fro-Yo toppings/Crafting/Support a friend running the Half Marathon/Home Opener/Board Games/Boy Stuff/Healthy eating XO~JD


I hope everyone’s weekend was better than mine.  I have been experiencing major anxiety and decided to cope in the most sensible way possible….drinking myself silly.  I’m still trying to pick up the pieces. Check back in tomorrow when I’m feeling more creative. XO~JD

Wardrobe to Abode

Designers are on the ball for getting their customer’s dolla dolla bills.  Tons of fashion based designers have created home lines that perfectly coordinate with their garments.  Makes sense, who wouldn’t want to a home that reflects their personal style? kate spade Japanese Floral dress $498/kate spade Japanese Floral 4 piece dinnerware set $80 Trina Turk Ogee […]

World Chess Hall of Fame

St. Louis is home to the World Chess Hall of Fame.  Who knew?  It’s located right in the middle of fun bars and restaurants in a historic home.  I always found it odd to walk by and see people sitting on a patio playing chess, instead of sipping wine. And seeing as I have never played […]