{Monday Morning Moti..

[Via Ryan Korban] I haven’t been this excited about work in a while.  I think one of my clients is on board for adding some SICK dome shaped chairs to their Great Room!  This is the stuff I LIVE for folks.  Seriously.  I love encouraging the confidence to try something bold and be different.  Cookie cutter […]

{Design Crush} Thoma..

I have been straight up kitchen stressin latley.  It seems like every single one of my clients is having a difficult time committing to selections for this oh-so-expensive renovation   Being the Design Daredevil that I am, I constantly push my clients to step outside of their comfort zone.  While researching brightly colored kitchen cabinetry I came across this insanely chic […]

{Life of a Design Da..

In September I took the BEST girls trip EVER in honor of my friend Sam’s Bachellorette Party.  Yes this post is very tardy, but most of these pics are from my camera phone and I just figured out how to get em on my computer.  Embarrassing? Yes, but you will have to get over it. Anyway, […]

{Monday Morning Moti..

I’ve been into feathers for a minuet now, however, I’m now craving something even MORE dramatic.  Maybe it was the popularity of fabulous feathered clutches, Maybe it was the Thanksgiving Headdresses,  or maybe I’m just following my usual habits of taking thinks to the extremes.  Whatever it was that caused it, now nothing can stop me from daydreaming of […]

{Saturday Soiree Sty..

I have a deep, deep craving for a good-old-fashioned Sunday Funday with m’ ladies; which is just-an-all day long, hair-of-the-dog, version of Sunday Brunch. I always start with an omelet and a Grey Goose/Zing Zang mix Bloody Mary, then switch right into the cheap house Chardonnay. Host your own day-of-fun and invite your girls over while […]

{Fantasy World} Have..

Happy Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gents! Today me and one of my BEST friends in the whole world will be celebrating with my family. We have to have the fiercest Thanksgiving possible, so obviously we will be sporting headdresses.  Homemade headdresses nonetheless.  We hope to be as ferocious these divas….wish us luck! [All images via Pintrest] I […]

{Monday Morning Moti..

I can not stop obsessing over Gold Bar in Soho. The co-owner/designer Robert McKinley used ancient Roman Catacombs as his inspiration as the space has a cave-like feel. Its hard to make out in this photo, but the walls are entirely covered with gold skulls. How sick is that? KIHL Studios out of Arizona created […]

{Saturday Soiree Sty..

Ya’ll know that the only thing I cook is microwave popcorn, so unfortunately I can’t offer any culinary tips for this week’s Thanksgiving Feast.  However, what I’m bringing to the table is far more delicious than any mashed potato recipe.  To show my thanks, I give to you my all time favorite cocktail….. Behold…..The Pumpkintini […]

{The Tuesday Tip-Off..

I’ve been having a difficult time styling retail shelves for a client’s shop, so to get some inspiration I dug through my archives of photos featuring fabulously styled bookcases.  Bookcases can SERIOUSLY make or break any room. They have the potential to add storage, style, and to tell a story to it’s viewers.  But things can easily […]