{Weekly Wrap Up} two week recap

Clockwise (My kinda joint/Wallpaper shopping/Art at a clients/Pretty Palm/Chanel Cupcakes/Holiday gear)Clockwise (Baileys and curling iron/Barneys from m’ boo/Pretty package/Cool Stool/Saturday Night/Thrifted Fan/Fellas/Alexander McQueen cuff)

Black and White Abstract Artwork

#1 How freaking ridic was Madonna yesterday?  I want her outfits.  I want her hair. I want her body. I want her swaggger. #2 For the past few months I have been craving Black and White abstract artwork like a fat kid craves cake.  Most of my art is of nature, portraits, or photography.  The […]

{Talk-It-Out Thursday}

I have always preferred to be the most over dressed person in the room instead of being under dressed.  There are just way to many beautiful clothes and shoes out there to wear a boring outfit.  I respect that not everyone shares my sentiments, but I can not handle going to a wedding or the theater and […]