{Talk-it-Out Thursday} Start TODAY!

I could quite possibly be the Queen of all Procrastination.  With so many things I want to accomplish all at one time, it can seem impossible to get started on any of them.  How many times have you said to yourself…..Diet starts on Monday….I’ll organize my closet this weekend…This is the year I’ll get my […]

Black and White Abstract Artwork

#1 How freaking ridic was Madonna yesterday?  I want her outfits.  I want her hair. I want her body. I want her swaggger. #2 For the past few months I have been craving Black and White abstract artwork like a fat kid craves cake.  Most of my art is of nature, portraits, or photography.  The […]

{Saturday Soiree Style} Black and White Table Toppin’

My best friend is getting married next weekend!  Her and her soon-to-be husband decided to get married on Christmas and she has literally planned the entire wedding on her own within the past few weeks.   She is a better woman than I am for enduring so much stress in the name of love.  Now […]

{Talk-It-Out Thursday}

I have always preferred to be the most over dressed person in the room instead of being under dressed.  There are just way to many beautiful clothes and shoes out there to wear a boring outfit.  I respect that not everyone shares my sentiments, but I can not handle going to a wedding or the theater and […]