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Sharing my progress; one black, white, and brass step at a time.

My Black Foyer

I made my decision.

Light Drama

Picking a foyer fixture for Project #rusticeuroluxe


as long as you can find them on Craigslist…

Like a Boss

Shop the flea market LIKE A BOSS

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Settee crushing/Tribal Nails/Vintage Poster Love/Equestrian Coat Holder/Milo Baughman-esq side table acquisition/Animalistic fabric choices/Neon and Coral

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Opening Day/Brass Overload/Amazing Discoveries/Plannin Stuff/XO/Vintage Abstract/Decisions decisions/#SexyModernBoudoir/Bar stockin for a bachelor} 

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Easter/Ballroom/Original Art/Charity Gala/Wish I had a place for it/My personal fabric choices/Girls Night/Cheesy find/Fabric hunt}

Vintage Mastercraft Furniture on my Mind…..like, a lot…..

Last month I roamed around the Palm Springs desert on a top-secret design mission. It was an amazing adventure where, in addition to learning hair extensions get matted in arid climates, I gained A LOT of knowledge on Mid-Century Modern home furnishings.  That place is packed with breathtaking, treasure filled Vintage home furnishing galleries.  Some […]