REVEAL // Viceroy Inspired Balcony

Time to show off the first completed space in our new apartment!

Koi Fish Baby Shower

The themed shower I co-threw for my best friend

Florence: Sneak Peek

The second magical city on our Italian Getaway…

Dining and Den Reveal #operationbachelorpad

Yesterday we looked at the #operationbachelorpad Living Room, which is basically a TV watching area.  Today we see the dining, bar and den area, which is basically for eating, drinking, and lounging.  My favorite activities.  All of the areas are pretty much one big room, with the den being a nook to itself, but Matt […]

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Opening Day/Brass Overload/Amazing Discoveries/Plannin Stuff/XO/Vintage Abstract/Decisions decisions/#SexyModernBoudoir/Bar stockin for a bachelor} 

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Love from my love/Lettuce wraps/Cheers/Mandarin Oranges/Client Chair/Teal n Gold Talons}

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Left to Right {New Loafers/Baby Liam/Kanye/Hittin the bricks/Neon for Fall/Wise Words/Bottles Poppin/Pyramid Stud/Long Distance Love/Comeback Kids #12in12 #GoCards}

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Sweet gift from my bestie/Play Dough/Gorgeous original molding at a clients/Cheers to GOOD DESIGN/Green toes/Officially at a new gig/Crystal Chandy love/Charcoal and Pink talons}

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Koi Fish on the brain/Hoping this is true/Love Mister Hemi’s lil feet/I need a rifle/Only in St. Louis/Possibly my fav thrift of all time}