My Christmas decorations. Better late than never.

PROJECT UPDATE: Preppy Chinoiserie

Who needs a TV show when you can have amazing reveals in real life?

BIRTHDAY Fantasies

I’m turning one year older, let me just pretend it’s fabulous.

PROJECT UPDATE: #rusticeuroluxe

Some pretty things are happening…


Look behind the scenes on what it takes to MAKE FACE for HGTV

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Talk about a great week.  Lots of change and a huge weight off my shoulders….

#rusticeuroluxe Silver or Gold?

Plans for Project #rusticeuroluxe are coming along.  Most progress is in the dining room, which happens to be my favorite room to decorate. I picked up this little lady. Then she was introduced to her new roommates. Yes, a 72″ round, pedestal dining room table.  Any clue how difficult those are to find? Very. But […]

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Settee crushing/Tribal Nails/Vintage Poster Love/Equestrian Coat Holder/Milo Baughman-esq side table acquisition/Animalistic fabric choices/Neon and Coral

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Easter/Ballroom/Original Art/Charity Gala/Wish I had a place for it/My personal fabric choices/Girls Night/Cheesy find/Fabric hunt}