More is More

But don’t take my word for it, ask Hutton Wilkinson.

HGTV Star Pattern Making

I designed cray cray patterns with a perfect repeat. NBD…

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Trying to get caught up…

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Change is COMING

Meet My Pet Leopard

This is my new pet leopard.  I got her over the weekend.


St. Louis Fashion Week is in effect.  A kickoff soiree was held at Plush and last Thursday to get the festivities rolling and guess who decorated the VIP lounge/gifting suite?  Moi.  Plush is a huge, bi-level music venue that took over a retail space that had been vacant for some time, which always good for Downtown […]

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Lips Tee/Nails/Best Gift Ever/Lips Wallpaper/Leopard Wallpaper/Semi Annual Sale}

{Weekly Wrap Up}

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{Weekly Wrap Up}

Clockwise {Koi Fish on the brain/Hoping this is true/Love Mister Hemi’s lil feet/I need a rifle/Only in St. Louis/Possibly my fav thrift of all time}