Mad Men Worthy

Discover what Don Draper and I have in common…


New Year. New Goals. New Projects. Bring. It. On. First up….. #OperationBachelorPad. I’m sorry to admit, but I always hated <working with> straight men. They don’t appreciate vintage brass. They don’t understand the importance of throw pillows or serving trays.  And they definitely aren’t on board with turquoise foo dog statues. Lame. But I’m in need […]

{Life of a Design Daredevil} Resisting Brass Temptation….

I’ve had Office Envy of this space from Traditional Home for a few months. The utilization of a small closet as a work space is oh-so functional.  Loving the mix of an orange chair, a neutral chevron rug, and a nature inspired wallpaper, and I really really really love any office with a bar set-up! (Very Mad Men, no?) […]