PROJECT UPDATE // #RusticEuroLuxe

Making moves, one small step at a time.

HGTV Star Pattern Making

I designed cray cray patterns with a perfect repeat. NBD…

Grand Entrance

What is Black & White and and chic all over? My foyer, hopefully…

{Weekly Wrap Up}

Change is COMING

Hello. I Live Here.

Big news folks. BIG NEWS. I’ve been, ahem, staying with my parents since September when my boyfriend left for Afghanistan.  Over the holidays and throughout the beginning of the year I was traveling a lot for work.  I’ve been back in Saint Louis since the middle of March, and looking for a new place ever […]


#OperationBachelorPad is coming along nicely.  New flooring is on it’s way, lighting has been ordered, and painting started yesterday. Today I’m wrapping up plans for the bedroom, AKA the Dudeoir. What’s a Dudeoir you ask? It’s the male equivalent to a boudoir.  Duh.  A guy’s private bedroom, dressing, and sitting room.   And here’s what […]