I WANT: Christian Louboutin Iriza d’Orsay Pumps

Get on my feet. Now.


Showing off my gorgeous Italian goodies.


I try to live a life without regrets.  There are endless coulda, woulda, shouldas that can really hold a person back, so I try to have faith that whats meant to be will be.  But lately I’ve been suffering from a lot of buyers remorse.  Not the kind where you buy something you shouldn’t have, […]

Sofa Selections Under a Grand

How was your weekend? I managed to stay away from thrift stores and antique malls, so I had a small victory.  Well, I did get some new-to-me nightstands at an antique mall on Friday.  But if you are only counting Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, no thrifting or antiquing for me.  Baby steps people, […]