Erika Bretchel

A new direction for the stylish editor behind Small Shop.

Snow Angels

Starting my resolutions…in the middle of a blizzard.

The Black Jumpsuit

I want one.In fact, I pretty much want to look just like this. Except with crazy, blonde hair. And maybe substitute a cocktail for smartphone. But then again, I do love to Instagram. Might keep smartphone.

birthday wish list

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m not too excited about it.  This year week has been mad stressful and I kind of forgot about it.  How lame is that?  Quick! I need to make some exciting plans!  But more importantly, if anyone needs to purchase me a last minuet gift, here are my recommendations….

{Girl Crush} Diana Vreeland

Noted fashion editor Diana Vreeland is one of my favorite inspirations.  A French native, her New York career took her from Harpers Bazar, to Editor-in-Cheif of Vogue to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She is credited for discovering Lauren Bacall and Edie Sedwick, and advised Jackie Kennedy on her wardrobe.  Known for taking fashion very […]

Zara I Basic Sandal, I want you. I want you bad.

I have never been to a Zara store, and I had never even heard of Zara until last year when I was in Las Vegas.  In the midst of poolside lounging, clubing, and gambling, my girlfriend and I ate at Serendipity overlooking the strip.  We had planned on hitting up Zara after we ate, as […]