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{The Great Design Rescue} Second Episode Reveal

Sup playas?  I hope my homegirls (and guys, if there are any) forgive my blog for becoming an infrequently-updated, self-promotion-platform for my television appearances and Instagram pics.  Sorry.  I’m effin busy and am in severe need of a life coach. But guess what?  Today I renewed my gym membership (Annual “Excuse to Dress like a […]

{The Great Design Rescue} Second Episode Promo

A week from today, Thursday 9/13, my second episode of The Great Design Rescue airs on KMOV (Saint Louis Channel 4) at 7:30 pm.  If you live in the Saint Louis area, please, please tune in. If you don’t live in the Saint Louis, move here by next Thursday and tune in. Thank you. Watch […]